Funktion: Finance & Controlling

Art der Beschäftigung: Vollzeit

Ort: Ho Chi Minh City

Land/Region: Vietnam


With the support of the CFO (his/her manager) implement the Group Internal Control framework to reinforce the processes’ effectiveness and prevent Entity risks in order to contribute to sustainable development of the activity:
  • Define and manage the Entity's Internal Control roadmap and priorities in agreement with his/her Managing Director
  • Coordinate the Internal Control improvement projects (TOP 5, separation of duties, prevention of fraud, security of payment methods etc.)
  • Animate the prevention corruption programme within the Entity
  • Assist managers to draw up simple and effective procedures that comply with local laws, Group referential and good practices
  • Promote staff understanding of challenges and discernment by the distribution of tools, training and exchange of good practices
  • Lead the self assessment approach to comply with Group Internal Control Fundamentals SMART toolbox)
  • Manage the Statutory Auditors' review of internal control and the progress of internal audit tasks
  • Ensure managers’ commitment for improvement and progress of action plans
  • Share initiatives with the Group and Zone Internal Control Departments
  • Take into account external environment’s developments
  • Cooperate proactively with all departments
  • Prioritise and simplify messages to obtain managers’ support and teams’ commitment
  • Operate with rigour , method and pragmatism, taking into account the Entity's organisation and processes
  • Demonstrate a positive critical thinking to improve the level of internal control
  • Be skilled for cross functions project management and change management
  • Have good knowledge of Group tools and referential (charters, standards, processes, systems etc.)