Funktion: Kommunikation

Art der Beschäftigung: Vollzeit

Ort: HK - Hong Kong

Land: Hong Kong


Contributes toward/develops an office environment that benefits the performance of the entities and the efficiency of the people.  




  • Develop and maintain the office environment representing the company image as a Great Place to Work
  • Propose and develop modern and innovative services to create a secure and pleasant place in which to live and to work.
  • Manage the office admin. budget and expense effectively
  • Design and implement the policies and procedure related to office environment regarding security, office equipment, utilities, stationery, working areas, common areas
  • Design and implement the policies and procedure related to employee health and safety, working condition  in the office environment
  • Ensure the policies and procedures are in line with local government regulations, office building management governance and company requests.
  • Monitor the implementation of the policies and procedure, actively look for better enhancement and improvement to review and fine-tune the policies.
  • Manage the interface with local authorities and related organizations
  • Manage the selection and monitor the performance of the suppliers and service providers
  • Coordinate the resources(time, quality, costs, teams and service providers) required to make service and workplace available
  • Perform other duties related to the effectiveness and efficiency of the workplace.





• Contributes to making workspaces available and to developing services

• Works to put employees at the heart of his/her concerns

• Carry and implement the quality worklife policy in the entity



• Knows how to plan and adapt to time constraints

• Provides his/her different interlocutors with productive, long-lasting solutions

• Respects rules of discretion and confidentiality in his/her work



• Works to ensure that residents are safe

• Plays a preventative, warning role

• Is a participant in the sustainable development of the group in the responsible entity



• Apply the instructions and procedures that are specific to his/her job

• Use the available technical and electronic tools (meeting rooms, videoconferencing, software, etc.)






  • Innovator – “Invent Life-Changing Beauty Experiences”
  • Strategist – “Shape the Future and Make the Way”
  • Entrepreneur – “Run it As Your Own Business”
  • Integrator – “Foster Cooperation for Agility”
  • People Developer – “Grow the People to Grow the Business”




  • Degree qualified
  • With a minimum of +10 years relevant experience in office management of multinational companies background
  • With a background in developing office management policies and procedure.
  • Strong interpersonal and influencing skills and be able to win the respect of internal stakeholders at all levels
  • Excellent communication skills in written and spoken English