Art der Beschäftigung: Vollzeit

Ort: Manila

Land/Region: Philippines

We are seeking a highly motivated and experienced Data Analyst to join our CPD E-commerce team. Reporting to the eCommerce Director, CPD, you will be responsible for leading data infrastructure, dashboards, reporting, and analytics. In this role, you will use data to derive business insights and solve complex business issues. You will work with brand stakeholders to identify business requirements and develop innovative and effective approaches based on business analysis and statistical analysis.

Key Responsibilities:

• Identify Business Needs: Work closely with brand stakeholders to identify business requirements and use analytics to solve complex business issues.

• Data Aggregation and Compilation: Retrieve, gather, and aggregate data from multiple sources and compile it into a clean, workable and actionable format for effective decision making.

• Monthly Reporting and Progress Tracking: Own and share the monthly online sales, KPIs, dashboards progress with the eCommerce team and senior management.

• Analytics and Insights: Manage and analyze reports for our brand eShops and drive platform-specific insights to grow our business.

• Key Performance Indicators: Create relevant key performance indicators and new methodologies for measurement.

• Trend Analysis: Analyze historical and segmentation data to identify trends and insights.

• Business Requirements: Detail business requirements and work with relevant zone & local counterparts to find solutions via automation, user-friendly systems, reports, and dashboards that will support our business planning needs in CPD eCommerce.

Required Skills:

• Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics, Statistics, Economics, Computer Science or related field.

• 3+ years of experience in data analytics and reporting.

• Strong analytical skills with expertise in statistical analysis and data visualization.

• Experience in SQL and data manipulation languages like Python or R.

• Excellent communication and presentation skills to deliver data insights and explain complex data concepts to non-technical stakeholders.

• Strong MS Excel skills.

• Experience with e-commerce platforms like Shopify, Magento or WooCommerce is a plus.

Key Performance Indicators:

• Accuracy of Analysis: ensuring the analysis is accurate and reliable to make informed decisions.

• Relevancy to Business Needs: ensuring insights provided align with the business needs.

• Reporting Timeliness: delivering reports on time and within agreed-upon timelines.

• Business Insights: providing actionable insights to drive business growth.