Art der Beschäftigung: Vollzeit

Ort: Karachi

Land/Region: Pakistan

Create, contribute to, and frame the CMI strategy to influence the growth of the zone/country business, be accountable for the quality of the results, relevance and actionability of learnings


- Create, drive, and lead the CMI strategy for the country according to the local business challenges

- Drive the insights on consumer & shopper journey for Activation/Go to market according to the group or regional tools recommendations

- Build the local CMI Roadmap (plan, budget) by prioritizing, selecting key topics and mobilizing the right resources

- Integrate market data and insights into consumer studies and analysis

- Consolidate and leverage local 360 analysis on key go-to-market topics to highlight strategic recommendations

- Contribute to international insights consolidation by sharing local consumer journey and go-to-market insights with CMI Zone representatives

- Set up organizations / project teams, governance, tools, and methods adapted to the realization of the country business strategy (benchmark ...)

 - Communicate, advice and influence (in the daily life or strategic meetings) the right levels in the organization to impact business decisions

- Upskill local teams by sharing CMI expertise, introducing innovation and by leveraging internal and external benchmarking and networking; build and transmit a consumer centric culture

- Manage the local team budget

- Manage the local team, develop talents, and manage cross functional projects



• Guides and challenges business needs into a brief

• Adopts relevant leading-edge tools including digital

• Identifies, selects and challenges new and existing external partners

• Leads research projects until results integration


• Is future oriented & detects new trends

• Drives, collects, and analyses data (brand, product experiences, market & shopper)

• Integrates social insights data

• Is statistics savvy & makes numbers meaningful

• Summarizes and leverages 360 data (incl digital, crm, media, retailers…)


• Builds & transmits a consumer centric culture

• Communicates insights with impact, clarity, and conviction

• Collaborates effectively with different internal and external expert communities


• Acts as strategic business partner

• Transforms insights into business opportunities

• Develops and implements a cmi vision for the future