Funktion: Andere

Art der Beschäftigung: Vollzeit

Ort: Johannesburg

Land/Region: South Africa

• Opening of new accounts and maintaining the Masterdata in line with the credit policy 
• Build and maintain effective working relationships with all service providers 
• Develop and maintain Customer Master Data work instructions and processes approvals. 
• Ensure credit applications meets all requirements before opening account 
• SAP system support consisting of the mass data import/export, sap related requests, and issue resolving, user acceptance tests and reports. 
• Ensure that requests will not have negative impact between the various interlinked Master Data elements 
• Populate template with pure data in correct format according to SAP field validations 
• Develop and execute a strategy to ensure accuracy and reliability with respect to the SAP Customer Master Data working Methods and reports on SAP 
• Assist with internal and external audit. • Assists with updating, maintaining and reviewing credit policies and procedures 
• Management and compilation of reports Administration 
• Ensure that the customer communication and service provided by team are managed and maintained effectively 
• Ensure all queries are handled effectively and diplomatically 
• Ensure high standard of work is maintained in the department, and the progress of work is in accordance with agreed deadlines 
• Monitor progress of dispute resolutions and inform Credit Manager in order to identify any credit risks and to implement adapted corrected actions 
• Ensuring audit compliance
• Ensure approved pricing received via Nintex and loaded in SAP accurate and timeously.
• Workflows and communication down and upstream at point of price loaded in SAP.
• 3Investigate reasons deals not pulling and report incidents to manager & system support for improvement.
• Target 3 lines on pricing per customer group, find ways that reduce price discrepancies, bring new ways of doing business, drive efficiencies.
• Run monthly report on all variants to ensure list prices and deals loaded across all variances.
• Ensure approved & signed off pricelists received before price increase for loading purposes in SAP.
• Reduce price claims with 10%.
• Meet monthly with the Senior Customer Master to train/discuss new developments on pricing customer master data requirements.
Ensure the implementation of the Credit policy in order to ensure the control of financial risks and the optimization of financial flows.
• Proactively contribute to the implementation of the Credit policy established with the Controlling and Financial Director.
• Do financial analysis prior to the opening of a client account.
• Manage the block orders in case of unpaid bills, client default and bad debts.
• Target the cash collection and risks management objectives in order to allocate corresponding means in accordance with the Credit policy.
• Supervise the credit management of team in order to minimize risks and to guarantee the hedging of the company by the insurance programs.
• Animate problems related to customer credit in connection with the Credit Manager and follow up action plans.
• Modernize the payment methods.

• Fosters a demand-driven Supply Chain with service as a priority
• Brings added value to the customer and the consumer
• Masters our Quality, EHS, Finance & Supply Chain standards
• Integrates external regulations linked to his activity
• Optimises information, physical & financial flows along the whole Supply Chain
• Uses business data for continuous improvement
• Improves flexibility, reactivity and reliability
• Masters costs along the Supply Chain
• Anticipates business activity and acts proactively
• Deepens the position of the Supply Chain within the business

• Innovator
• Strategist
• People developer
• Integrator
• Entrepreneur