Art der Beschäftigung: Vollzeit

Ort: Karachi

Land/Region: Pakistan

Dear Applicants,

We are pleased to advertise the position of "Packaging & Development Manager" based out of our Head Office in Karachi. If you feel you are the right fit based on our company values & the job description below, we would love for you to apply to this position. Looking forward to all your applications & best of luck !


Manages and leads a Packaging & Development department responsible for the design of products, obtaining their technical specifications & approval, in addition to managing launch, renovation & value analysis projects, at the interface between Marketing, R&I and Operations; with 360° product vision (packaging, formula, process, etc.) of the finished product, in compliance with commitments made with the brands & L4TF objectives.

  • Empower employees and help them to grow, so that they can give their best to achieve the level of performance expected for their projects (quality, costs, deadlines, innovation and sustainability).
  • Support the development of his/her team by creating a working environment which promotes learning, creativity and the development of expertise.
  • Anticipates the load of the service, the needs and the necessary resources to achieve the projects.
  • Anticipate his/her team's work load, needs and resources required for the development of projects.
  • Is decision-maker in the recruitment of the collaborators, and to ensure the development of expertise and know-how within the team.
  • Share the department's vision with his/her scope of responsibility as part of a continuous improvement approach, set team objectives and manage, consider & determine priorities.

  • Advise, together with his/her team, Marketing before project validation (Go Project), by providing optimized solutions (pack, formula, process) as part of a consumer-centric and perceived-value approach.
  • Study the feasibility of new briefs and advise marketing, by providing optimized solutions (pack, formula, process) as part of a consumer-centric and perceived-value approach.
  • Undertakes advance investigations of technical, economic, and schedule feasibility to meet Marketing's needs as expressed in Marketing briefs.
  • Draws up technical tender documents (project plans, preliminary specifications, guidelines, etc.).
  • Leads and sets departmental goals and decides on priorities on the basis of strategic priority of the operations and the orientations fixed for the 'Métier' (Quality, cost, lead time and sustainability).
  • Ensure compliance with good practices and the implementation of the quality system by his/her team.
  • Keeps an eye on technological developments and promotes innovation within the team to ensure that projects are launched, in a collaborative work with the Operations Innovation department.
  • Show flexibility to speed up development and activate TTM improvement levers.

  • Ensures and monitors implementation of, and compliance with, the design quality system and sets quality, timeliness, cost (design to cost), sustainability and innovation goals for their team.
  • Advises and assists their team in making strategic developments, searching for technical solutions, assessing risks and solving technical problems.
  • Prepare, distribute and ensure the monitoring of schedules.
  • Promote innovation within the team to ensure that projects are launched.
  • Ensure a dynamic of continuous improvement within the team on the organizations, the systems and the processes.
  • Lead the cost-reduction process for ACs.
  • Advises and assists the team in deploying department objectives.
  • Assumes an early warning role for their line manager and the various actors on their projects in case of risks (Quality, costs, times, sustainability) or of quality drift (Quality, costs, times, sustainability) and propose solutions.
  • .
  • Ensures their professional expertise is shared and with other 'Métiers'' and the other Group packaging departments.
  • Adhere to the budget and manage technical costs associated with activity and projects
  • Responsible for molds validation.
  • Minds LKU for MENA.


  • Excellent stakeholder management skills
  • Possess managerial as well as a very technical mindset
  • Very high attention to detail
  • Experience of Production or Quality or Factory Supply Chain (preferred)
  • Experience of working in FMCG (preferred)

For any queries, please feel free to reach out to us !


The TA Team