Función del empleo: Values & Ethics

Tipo de puesto: Internship

Tipo de empleo: Full - Time

Localización: Clichy

País: France

First things first: 

·       Where will you work? Paris Area (Levallois-Perret or Clichy) 

·       When will you start? In January 2020 

·       How long will it last? 6 months 

·       How much will you earn? Between 1250 - 1550€/month

L'Oréal, yes, but do you really know us?

We are sure that you think you know L’Oréal - red lipstick and high-heels, right? So, let us tell you one thing: that is not who we are and that is not what we are looking for. You don’t need to wear foundation to build a career here, and you don’t need highlights to be high-tech (oh, and by the way, most of us wear sneakers)! What you do need is a passion for people, pace and a visionary mindset on how to disrupt the #future! 

Now, let’s talk numbers: 

·       Our position: No. 1 - L’Oréal is the the leader worldwide in the cosmetics industry 

·       Our turnover: 26,9 Billion Euros of consolidated turnover 

·       Our Media: 3rd World Wide Advertiser& already 47% media in digital

·       Our Data: 1 Billion+ consumer data records

·       Our Love Brands: 234 Million followers, and 3,000 social sites 

·       Our commitment: Global environment leader with triple A score in climate change, water security and forests (given by the CDP) 

Discover Corporate Social Responsibility @ L’Oréal

This department is based on two pillars: the L'Oréal Group's sustainable development actions (Sharing Beauty with All) and the L'Oréal Foundation's philanthropic initiatives.

About Sharing Beauty with All

The Sharing Beauty with All program was launched in 2013. Integrated throughout the Group's value chain, it formalises L'Oréal's commitment to sustainable development by 2020 on all its impacts: from product design to distribution, through the production process and sourcing of ingredients. Today, the Group is one of the most ambitious companies in the field of sustainable development with the highest international recognition. To find out more:

About the L'Oréal Foundation

The L'Oréal Foundation works for women around the world and supports them to help them achieve their goals in two major areas that are at the heart of the Group's DNA: scientific research and inclusive beauty.

Our For Women and Science aims to improve the representation of women in scientific careers, with the conviction that the world needs science, and science needs women. Our Beauty for a Better Life program also develops free excellence training courses in beauty care and provides access to beauty and well-being services in the medical and social environment to assist people suffering from physical, mental or social suffering.

There are several different opportunities within our Sharing Beauty with All and L’Oréal Fondation teams… and we can discuss what area you are interested in during your telephone interview. Moreover, don’t forget, it is also up to you to give your missions your own personal touch.

So what does your job look like?

·       Project Management – animating, planning, executing and monitoring

·       Stakeholder Management – engaging and developing relationships with external associations, and working closely with our partners (such as UNESCO).

·     KPI monitoring and international reporting – working with our CSR leads in all L’Oréal countries

·      Scale and benchmarks

·      Coordination of key annual events (such as our For Women In Science Awars)

You are...

·       A Master student (Cesure or Fin d’études) - No margin for negotiation on this one! Able to provide an internship agreement of 6 months issued by your school - no negotiation on this either! 

·       Fluent French or English speaker (both is great too !)

·       CSR committed

·       Creative Entrepreneur: courageous and adventurous. Every single day, you spot opportunities to shake things up and change the world for the better. There’s no blueprint for the future. You’ll have to design it yourself! 

·       Comfortable with data – as there is going to be some reporting

·       People oriented. You’re not afraid of new ways of doing things or of other people’s (sometimes crazy) ideas. Here, we cherish and celebrate diversity so you’ll feel right at home whoever you are. 

·       Respectful. Whether you’re talking to our CEO (this can happen!) or a salon owner on the high street, you treat everyone the same.

·       Willingness to own the strategic level direction whilst maintaining a passion for grass-roots

·       Critical thinking with strong decision-making abilities

·       Confidence in a fast-paced and ever-changing dynamic environment

·       Strong capability with quantitative and qualitative measures

You are Inspired? Great, here are the next steps...

·       Click Apply Now, fill in your details and upload your CV (Cover Letter is not necessary)

·       You will then talk to MYA, our trusted chatbot to make sure you fulfill the necessary elements (don’t worry, this isn’t an interview)

·       Once you have spoken to MYA you will be sent a link via email to answer 3 competency-based questions with Seedlink, our artificial intelligence tool, enabling us to see your cultural fit with L’Oréal (candidates that respond to the Seedlink questions are prioritized). 

·       Exploratory HR Telephone Interview. The recruiter will give you a call and guide you into a broad conversation to get to know you better and to spot the métier, division, brand and mission in which you will be able to better express your potential. 

·       Operational interview (either at Assessment Centre or individually) with your potential future manager(s) to convince them that you are the best fit! It is also a great occasion to ask questions on what your tasks will be exactly, the team spirit and what how this internship will develop your competencies.

Go go go! We can't wait to meet you!