Función del empleo: Information Systems

Tipo de puesto: Permanent

Tipo de empleo: Full - Time

Localización: Buenos Aires

País: Argentina

IT BRM Digital & Innovation Manager

In collaboration with Digital Delivery team, this position helps with strategy, research, planning, execution, and evaluation of the IT Digital & innovation initiatives or projects.

Also acts as the technical expert and main contact person for digital areas.

Metier: E-Commerce, eRetail, eMarketing, CRM, Sitiosweb, PDV & innovation.

Main responsabilities:

·       Anticipate, understand & recollect business strategy and global needs.

·       Lead and manage necessary committees with internal clients and IT

·       Manage the demands of internal clients, acting as a mediator between customer satisfaction and IT viability (budget, technical limitations, priorities etc) 

·       Be the main contact with the digital team and the business in digital & innovation projects

·       Handle different projects at the same time

·       Provide technical information to the digital team in areas of expertise

·       Act as technical guide during: analysis, design & development of digital and innovation projects that requires integration.

·       Exhibit deep understanding and knowledge of IT Digital Marketing to propose competitive and efficient solutions to the business

·       Be in continuous contact with the business to understand better the global strategies and be able to carry out locally

·       Keep in mind priorities and key objectives of different entities to tie them together and make it work together.

·       Stay informed about the new trends of digital & marketing solutions, and contribute to the definition of digital IT strategy

·       Encourage to use the best practices in Digital & innovation area.  

Required skills:

·       Negotiator

·       Accountability

·       Leadership

·       Management skills

·       Prioritize