Función del empleo: Research & Innovation

Tipo de puesto: Permanent

Tipo de empleo: Full - Time

Localización: Clark, NJ

País: United States

Takes in Research & Innovation projects from beginning to end and follows all necessary protocol to take a new product to market. Responsible for creative and technical aspects of specific product development categories. Maintains close awareness of scientific literature, raw material technology, processing methodology, and marketing trends required to perform innovative product development assignments in an efficient manner. Oversees a safe and orderly laboratory environment. A technical leader and authority in one or more technical aspects.


Creates formulas independently and follows-up on stability of formulas as well as make adjustments to fix formulas. Create prototype formulas as well as modifying these formulas to meet product specifications at an adaptable pace.

  1. Leads more complex projects.
  2. Provides a steady flow of new technologies, either performance driven, cost driven, or value asset to meet current needs.
  3. Show creativity and resourcefulness to come up with solutions to issues, which may arise during which product development and/or in anticipation to issues which may appear in pilot plant or manufacturing.
  4. Must meet deadlines and interact with various support groups within R&D.
  5. Follow through on all aspects of projects from inception to officialization.
  6. Handles multiple projects simultaneously.
  7. Communicates to supervisor important observations and test results in an effective manner.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry or related field
  • Higher education preferred
  • 2-5+ years experience in a laboratory environment
  • Good communication (verbal and written), interpersonal, and computer skills
  • Experience in a leadership role is desirable
  • Ability to turn new ideas into practical solutions
  • Must be a team player
  • Must be a role model