Función del empleo: Sales & Business Development

Tipo de puesto: Permanent

Tipo de empleo: Full - Time

Localización: Jakarta

País: Indonesia

Key Responsibilities

- Define a retailer/ customer strategy, in agreement with the sales department.

- Develop, monitor and manage a retailer/customer account portfolio, in accordance with division strategy and brand affairs.

- Create an annual business plan taking into account the growth levers to achieve objectives (sell-in, sell-out, market share) and brand profitability within the account.

- Lead or participate in annual negotiations, working closely with other account partners. Establish a partnership and a solid relationship with the account.

- Establish and implement the plan, including trade/events/merchandising/training. Measure the return on investment of actions and events. Take responsibility for the development of the account, including e-retail.

- Drive the performance of the retailer account (P&L). Manage trade agreements, contracts and invoices associated with the brand. Prepare and lead retailer brand strategy meetings.

- Establish an annual development plan, including trade/training/and event activities. Monitor the profitability of actions and events. Support the development of the retail chain, including e-retail.

- Coordinate and "coach" all representatives of the retail chain. Exercise authority and influence in the field. Work closely with the business teams. Represent the retailer/internal client and coordinate all departments in this regard.

- Develop, monitor and manage a portfolio of retailers/clients account, in accordance with the strategy of division and brands

- Create an annual business plan/trade marketing plan taking into account levers of growth to achieve brand results (sell-in, sell-out, market share) and the profitability of brands within the account.

- Lead or participate in the negotiations with retailers/clients on key launches, space, location and stock. Establish and develop partnerships