Función del empleo: Digital

Tipo de puesto: Fix Term

Tipo de empleo: Full - Time

Localización: Shanghai

País: China

Work alongside business to answer its requirements and expected outcomes.
Identify Business Needs and Opportunities
• Work closely with EC KA and brand stakeholders to identify the business requirements and problems to solve.
• Work closely with Corp content team, Buycoor operation team, external agencies and EC platform experts to identify the executional situation, current difficulties and opportunities.
Build EC content capabilities
• Campaign planning and coordination
- Lead the EC in-site consumer journey development (when, who, where, what, how).
- Aware of the latest IP rules and build good relationship with platforms.
- Coordinate for inside and outside resources Integration.
• Store-lives treaming-focused EC content champion
- Lead the planning, execution and monitor of store lives treaming, including live streamer calendar, communication angel, visual, consumer engagement, etc.
- Seek for crossover opportunities (eg.连麦) and category collaboration (eg. 成分党专题).
- Responsible for data-based performance evaluation and keep optimization spirit, aiming to be top players.
- Keep monitor non-lives treaming content performance eg. 微淘/群聊/图文/洋淘秀etc. Pioneer spirit in new born content format.
• KOL live streaming management.
- Lead the negotiation with key KOL (李佳琦,薇雅) to satisfy business needs.
- Proactively seek for other opportunities.
- Build and maintain good network with KOL lives treaming related stakeholders.

Ensure advanced performance and data retention
• Expertise in main stream EC data analysis tools eg. SYCM.
• Collaborates with Corp content team and be familiar with market/competitor tracking tools.
• Develop and maintain our own content-related database.