Función Laboral: Operaciones

Tipo de contrato: Jornada Completa

Ubicación: Arkansas - North Little Rock

País: USA


To efficiently and safely maintain Programmable Logic Controllers and integral electrical and electronic components in the processing and production areas. 

 Educational, Mental, or Certification Requirements

  • High school education or a GED equivalency required;
  • AS degree in Electronics or Electromechanical Technology;
  • Minimum of two years industrial experience is required;
  • Knowledge of Data Communications (R232, RS422Lan), personal computers, MS Dos, DOS Software, electrical controls, bending conduit, wire size and NEC regulations preferred;  knowledge of RSLogix and Siemans programming languages.                                 
  • Ability to use Auto CAD and Windows required;
  • Must have experience servicing, maintaining, installing and troubleshooting electronic equipment and electric controls.

 General Job Duties

  • Maintain Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC);
  • Add, delete, and change programs effectively in the PLC;
  • Add any new electronic parts to the production lines and program them in the PLC;
  • Maintain vision systems, lasers and printers;
  • Work with AC and DC drives, motors, and robots and maintain low voltage items;
  • Maintain all electrical parts in all processing/production areas;
  • Ensure production/processing equipment is ready for use when needed and that equipment performs to pre-established standards;
  • Conduct and document preventative maintenance procedures;
  • Communicate orally with Cell Managers, Team Leads and other employees;
  • Install and terminate wire and cable in accordance with NEC regulations;
  • Assist Line Mechanics with projects and other mechanical duties as assigned;
  • Troubleshoot problems with production/processing machinery;
  • Document work and project highlights using CMMS and Action Lists
  • Complete required paperwork and computer work; 
  • Clean equipment and perform other custodial responsibilities as required for a safe and orderly work environment; perform electrically related PM’s.
  • Perform other duties as directed.

 Tools and Equipment Used In Job

  • Frequently use wrenches, pliers, screwdrivers, wire cutters, power drills, other hand tools, and machine shop tools;
  • Frequently use voltage meters, laptop computer, PLC software, switches, and valves. 

 Environmental Factors

  • Machinery may produce noise levels that exceed OSHA’s action level: Employees are provided with and are required to wear personal hearing protection devises in these areas;
  • Moving machinery, such as forklifts: Employees required to operate a forklift must successfully complete forklift operator training;
  • May work in small spaces;
  • All Electronic Technicians are provided with and required to wear safety glasses, steel-toed shoes, and 100% cotton uniforms;  must wear safety gloves
  • All employees are properly trained in use of adjunct lifting/moving equipment and proper body mechanics;
  • Working with electricity increases burn and shock hazard:  Hazard recognition training provided. 
  • Trained and in compliance with ARC Flash regulations.

Essential Functions

MANIPULATION REQUIREMENTS:  (HANDS OR FEET) This position requires an individual to constantly perform one and/or all of the following movements/functions: Handle, reach, feel, perform fine motor manipulations with their hands, and perform gross motor manipulations involved in moving and installing machinery/equipment. 

  • Read, understand, and document specific instructions listed on the preventative maintenance sheet;
  • Work independently and as a team member, make decisions, and use adequate organizational and time management skills;
  • Maintain a safe, neat and clean work environment (5S) and follow all safety procedures;
  • Perform the physical demands listed in the “Physical Demands” section using safe ergonomic techniques; 
  • Have working knowledge of the production process, items produced, and equipment utilized in maintaining production within specific industrial norms and standards; 
  • Have good troubleshooting and electronic skills;
  • Have knowledge of electronic systems and components;
  • Demonstrate good mechanical aptitude, proven by the Standard Timing Model Test;
  • Maintain a telephone, pager, radio or message system to ensure communication in the event of an emergency;
  • Possess knowledge of PLC programs, RS Logic, Photo eyes, Proximity switches, and solenoid valves;
  • Have visual/auditory acuity required to see/hear maintenance requests and warning alarms;
  • Look for equipment inefficiencies/failures and for methods of improving the existing operations; 
  • Work flexible hours/shifts, including overtime;
  • Demonstrate good attendance.

 Marginal Job Duties

  • Lift in excess of 50 lbs.


  •  Must produce World Class Results through teamwork.
  • Must selflessly develop others through training.
  • Must thrive within a changing organization.
  • Efficiently produce quality cosmetics in the right quality at the right time for L’Oreal USA customers.
  • Must create and provide an environment in which employees can work safely and thrive.
  • Must act as a responsible citizen in our company and community.
  • Must manage the plant’s assets to maximize our stockholders return.
  • Must demonstrate a 100% responsibility and not make excuses or cast blame.
  • Must implement and utilize the NLR L’Oreal USA communication model.
  • Resolve conflicts directly.
  • Must listen for understanding.
  • Must have a positive attitude.
  • Must be committed to team decisions.
  • Must communicate effectively.

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer and take pride in a diverse environment. We do not discriminate in recruitment, hiring, training, promotion or other employment practices for reasons of race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, age, marital or veteran status, medical condition or disability, or any other legally protected status.