Función Laboral: Finanzas & Control de Gestión

Tipo de contrato: Jornada Completa

Ubicación: Shanghai - Shanghai

País/Región: China

Monitor the management of several areas of management/activity (Media) with a degree of autonomy, experience and/or a broader scope than the one(s) of a Financial Analyst.
• Draft the Plan, Budget and Trends for his/her area of activity.
• Produce or supervise the monthly reports for his/her area of activity.
• Optimize the costs and efficacy of actions undertaken in accordance with the Standards and good practices set down by Internal Control by maintaining constant links with his/her contacts (e.g. customer benefits, value analysis, cost analysis, POS advertising, CSV etc.).
• Monitor costs and carry out all analyses required to identify risks and opportunities and to propose the appropriate actions.
• Participate in developing teams


·         Bachelor or bachelor above

·         Major: Finance/accounting

·         5-6 years working experience, FMCG background is preferred

·         English CET6 or above

·         Technical Skills required: SAP & EXCEL

·         Willingness to communicate and work with non-finance people

·         Good communication skills

·         Result driven, detail oriented