Función del empleo: Operations

Tipo de puesto: Permanent

Tipo de empleo: Full - Time

Localización: Shanghai

País: China

The DOA Hygienist position provides assurance that all facets of hygiene in manufacturing operations comply with all procedures and regulations in force (ISO 22716, GMP...). This position covers all the following fields: cleaning or disinfection processes and validation, hygienic design of equipment and utilities, housekeeping, best practices, personnel training and audits.

Key responsibilities

-  Explain all related Hygiene Procedures to plant for understanding and implementation
- Explain Hygiene self-assessment procedure to plant for well implementation, support on site assessment of the effectiveness and optimization the assessment content and methodology.
-  Coordinate the master plan resulting from the Hygiene Self-Assessment and keep it up to date.
- Ensure compliance with L’Oréal requirements and local regulations in force for industrial hygiene: 
    • On a day to day basis

    • In case of investment and change management,

    • In case of deviation related to hygiene.

- Validate and / or ensure validation dossier is done in accordance with L’Oréal Quality System for:

    • Cleaning processes,

    • Disinfection processes,

    • Optimizations in cleaning and / or disinfection.

- Participate and coordinate if necessary the investigations in case of microbiological out of specification in interface with the following departments:
    • Quality,

    • Production,

    • ETN.

    • Other factories,

    • Zones Operation Headquarters,

    • DGO

    • Suppliers.

- Animate KPIs for microbiology (RFT, out of specifications...), cleaning (RFT, cleaning efficiency…)
- Animate industrial hygiene (trainings, flash, steering committees, audits ...).
- Build DOA BP sharing program and extend to be STD management and implementation in each plant
- Organize and/or attend to internal and external benchmarks on Hygiene.
- Support external partnership hygiene assessment and improvement with coordinator plant 
- Build DOA Hygiene Road and lead the implementation with plant
Skills and qualifications
- Minimum 3 to 5 years of experiences in quality, manufacturing or engineering in microbiological sensitive industry (cosmetics, pharmaceutics, food-industry).
- Ideally, engineering or post-secondary diploma in one of the following fields:
    • Chemical, pharmaceutical or food industry engineering,

    • Industrial Microbiology.

- Demonstrate a real interest and curiosity for industrial hygiene, microbiology and technical subjects.
- Ability to compose technical documents, referential and trainings.
- Rigorous and methodical mind.
- Interact effectively and demonstrate success in persuasion.   
- Good level of English language.
- Responsibility taking, enthusiasm, be courageous to accept challenge 
- Learning agility, result agility, change agility with strong Quality and Safety consciousness

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