Función del empleo: Supply Chain

Tipo de puesto:

Tipo de empleo: Full - Time


País: United States

Job Description Form

Section 1: General Information

Job Title: Inventory Analyst



FLSA status: Non-Exempt

Division: Warehouse

Supervisor Title: Manufacturing Warehouse Manager

Location: L’Oréal USA North America

Section 2:  Job Summary:

The Inventory Analyst is responsible for leading and managing inventory related functions in accordance with plant policy. This includes leading and managing cycle count process, schedule, and execution both internally and at 3PL sites.  This position will also be responsible for leading investigation and corrective action execution of inventory anomalies, including, but not limited to, sensitive zone locations and aged finished goods.    The inventory analyst will also be the primary flows liaison for Internal Controls requirements as they relate to inventory control processes, and will monitor warehouse capacity, making recovery recommendations as needed.

Section 3:  Job Requirements:

High school diploma or GED required;

Warehouse experience preferred;

Forklift license required; Scissor lift license preferred

Advanced skills using Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Power Point, Outlook);

Advanced skills using Flexnet

SAP experience preferred

Excellent communication and interpersonal skills with regular cross departmental collaboration

Excellent and demonstrated problem solving and investigative abilities

Section 4:  Judgment and Decision Making:

Decisions made by the Inventory Analyst can directly impact Safety, Quality, Delivery, Cost, Environment and Morale. They must make these decisions with only intermittent involvement from Supervision based on the knowledge gained from their trainings.

Safety: Fully supports an independent safety culture and works proactively to accomplish the safety mission in the plant of Zero Accidents.

Quality: Supports and embraces the quality mission of the plant.

Delivery: The ability of the Inventory Analyst to meet the production demands ensures that our customers receive our products on time.  Strong understanding of Internal Control requirements and procedures is required. Must support needs of the Plant by ongoing management of inventory.

Cost: Operate according to the productivity standards ensure that cost to produce is aligned with the financial commitments. Ensure internal control procedures are followed regarding all inventory investigations, counting, and movements.

Environment: Supports and embraces the environmental mission of the plant.

Morale: Must be an actively engaged employee exhibiting a positive attitude and a focus on teamwork to achieve best in class results.

Section 5: Essential Physical Requirements:

Occasional lifting up to 40lbs;

Occasional long periods of standing;

Long periods sitting at a desk

Long periods of walking

Ability to maintain forklift certification, including physical exam, and operate a forklift on an ongoing basis

Section 6:  Financial Scope:

Annual Budget Responsibility:  $N/A

Annual Revenue Responsibility:  $N/A

Section 7:  Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

Tasks, Duties & Responsibilities

% of time spent.

Total should = 100%

1. Manage and lead cycle count process, ensuring driving adherence to completion plan and schedule creation – internally and at 3PL sites


2. Execute cycle counts to support plan completion using a forklift or scissor lift, and appropriate transactions in Flexnet


3. Lead anomaly investigations regarding inventory movements; monitor and follow up on receiving issues; Flows lead for Litigation Zone, Sensitive Zone, Aged FG review and reconciliation


4. Review capacity report and make recovery recommendations where applicable per department standards


5. Work directly with Finance and Internal Controls as the primary flows contact for IC requirements and corrective action


6. Support Safety and Quality requirements and audit at 3PL sites on behalf of Flows


Section 8:  Required Competencies:


1. Must demonstrate 100% responsibility.

2. Must have a technical aptitude with a willingness to learn flows operations, including AGV operation.

3. Must produce World Class Results through teamwork, selflessly developing and training others for success.

4. Must have a positive attitude and be open to new ideas and concepts.

5. Must thrive within a changing organization requiring the need to multi-task.

6. Must listen for understanding and communicate using the Who, What, When, Where and How model.

7. Must resolve conflicts directly and be committed to team decisions.