Función del empleo: Sales & Business Development

Tipo de puesto: Permanent

Tipo de empleo: Full - Time

Localización: Osaka

País: Japan

Key Job Accountabilities

To maximize brand's sales and market share of the area or business territory   
・Present and deliver brand essence, branding with clear mission statements to customers   
・Construct the brand sales of the area   
・Ensure the brand strategy to be implemented at store or POS (point-of-sales) level   
・Ensure perfect execution of merchandising or brand image at POS    
・Manage sales force (or BA) for efficiency, motivation, development, and day-to-day support   
・Represent and negotiate to department store side (cosmetic floor buyers) or business partner side for better brand exposure    
・Develop solid relationship with brand's customers    

Must Have Aspects

・Knowledge of sales field (sales force or BA, market environment and competition )   
・Knowledge of the latest sales tools (CRM, data system etc.)   
・Experience of negotiation or communication skills   
・Basic business level of English communication   

Preferred Qualification

・International business experience   
・Advanced English communication skills