Función Laboral: Dirección General

Tipo de contrato: Jornada Completa

Ubicación: Budapest - Office

País: Hungary

Are you fresh graduated after master studies and ready to spring in the world of work?  Do you still not have any idea if marketing or sales will be your field or do you think you are good at both? Do you want to work with brands like Maybelline, Garnier or L’Oréal Paris?

 Let’s get the chance and apply for Management Trainee position to us.

We are a creative company and searching for out of box thinking, flexible and curious new colleagues who speak English fluently.

You don’t have to be Jenson Button but you will need at least driving licence and some experience with cars because you need to be always on-the-go.

When you already know your way around partners, after 4-6 months come in the office and either show your creativity in marketing projects with ad agencies, or be the key account for the partners you got to know. Your idea of fun is analizing mountains of sales and marketing data, meanwhile you can do PowerPoint presentations blindfolded.

Extra awesome:

  • Analytical skills
  • Independent, quick learner
  • Restless to absorb information like a sponge


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