Función del empleo: Finance & Controlling

Tipo de puesto: Permanent

Tipo de empleo: Full - Time

Localización: Petaling Jaya

País: Malaysia

Mission: manage and coordinate a category, business, innovation or performance team, in line with the Group’s purchasing strategies and policies.

  • Analyses business needs and challenges demand: Anticipate major evolution of needs. 
  • Propose the most valuable option involving internal and external network/resources. 
  • Use VA methodology as a part of the culture of need expression 
  • Defines purchasing strategy: define the best suited supplier portfolio (for a division or a category). 
  • Develop Market intelligence tool on categories. 
  • Drive changes in the market structure. Input, build and/or challenge category strategies. 
  • Optimizes costs: Capture breakthrough ideas coming from the suppliers. 
  • Maximize value creation opportunities impacting P&L and Top Line. 
  • Activate all levers of the value chain through the Cost Models. 
  • Anticipates business activity and acts proactively: Input business needs or lead the category strategy. 
  • Animate the network, lead best practices and drive advocacy.
  • Ensure competitiveness and that the strategy is implemented successfully. 
  • Use breakthrough sourcing strategies to create value (P&L and Top Line) 
  • Maximizes Supplier Relationships: Create a preferred customer relationship with strategic suppliers. 
  • Develop strategic suppliers to sustain growth. 
  • Drive improvement projects with strategic suppliers impacting P&L and Top Line contribution. 
  • Creates value and innovates: Capture innovation opportunities form internal & external sources. 
  • Lead strategic projects. Manage financial cost and impact. Get the buy-in, communicate with steering committee mode to the sponsors, stakeholders. 
  • Be empowered to take key decisions or to escalate to stakeholders 
  • Negotiates with integrity: Coach and challenge teams in terms of negotiation strategy, use innovative negotiation levers. Unlock stalemate situation. 
  • Operates according to internal control principles and legal rules: Develop a competitive advantage (exclusivity, group strategy, innovation, CSR, …). 
  • Negotiate Global, high stake contracts. Negotiate intellectual property, licensing, exclusivity agreements for innovation. 
  • Evaluates and manages risks: Define and implement risk management policy. Implement advanced/breakthrough methodologies or tools to secure risk. Manage regulatory risks. 
  • Manages Performance and efficiency: Be accountable for purchasing performance. 
  • Formulate functional improvements for processes and tools. 
  • Formulate recommendations based of Supplier P&L analysis or L'Oréal/Brand P&L. 
  • Challenge Financial and logistics managers when purchasing is impacted by other functions. Ensure data quality. 
  • Supports and manages stakeholders’ relationships: Communicate / manage projects /share suppliers’ information with stakeholders, influence stakeholders. 
  • Drive and grow Purchasing Share of Voice among stakeholders.