Función del empleo: Sales & Business Development

Tipo de puesto: Permanent

Tipo de empleo: Full - Time

Localización: London

País: United Kingdom



Reporting to the Head of Pulp Riot UKI, it is your role to strategise, plan, manage and execute an outstanding education and artist engagement programme. You will achieve this by leveraging and growing our digital channels, managing the experiential activity associated with our artists and developing our Squad to attract, inspire and convert new UKI colour talent to Pulp Riot.


1)       Raise brand awareness and love in the hearts and hands of the UK’s modern colour talent

2)      Demonstrably contribute to sales growth with an amazing education programme that inspires artists to join the Riot, facilitated in partnership with our distributors, through indie education and digital education

3)       Grow the UK artistic community, their engagement with Pulp Riot and convert new potential artists using digital channels including social media and

4)       Manage the major artistic eventing strategy for the brand, planning, delivering and measuring the impact of our scheduled events to develop and platform our Squad to be the industry disruptors and attract new artists to the brand.


1)       Education programme reach and sales impact, measured via class attendance and geographic impact on sales

2)       Sales generated, reach and feedback from artistic involved events

3) (our artistic community) reach and engagement levels, measured via social and digital site metrics

4)       Squad collective reach, sentiment, % content dedicated to Pulp Riot and feedback from engagement programme


You have four key areas of responsibility, split as follows:

1)       Education Programme Development, Management and Expansion

§  Using the official Pulp Riot curriculum, develop and expand the Pulp Riot education programme to reach more artists and convert them to the brand via the following three education routes:

o   Classes via distributor academies

o   Independent education via Squad members

o   Key account demonstrations and trainings

§  Training and support the Squad educators via Squad Hangouts, shadowing, digital trainings and regular connections to be successful in their delivery of Pulp Riot education

§  Develop all education marketing materials (digital and printable assets) supplied by or produced in collaboration with the LA team and ensure they are used optimally to promote all classes via distributor channels, pulp riot owned channels including Find a Class and social media, any paid channels and via the Squad Educators themselves

§  Support Squad members who are building indie education programmes vie mentoring, advice, attendance at classes and live feedback to build their confidence and success

§  Track and report monthly on class performance in line with aforementioned KPIs

2)       Squad Management

  • Working with the International Education Director, manage, develop and mobilise the UK Squad team to be the most inspiring and impactful ambassadors for our brand via their engagement on social media, delivery of Pulp Riot education, presenting the brand at events and to grow their individual and collective reputation as colour experts and to be disruptors of the industry
  • Manage the programme of Squad hangouts and trainings to induct Squad members on new products, build and share skills and ensure engagement with the brand is at the highest level
  • Build personal development plans with each of the Squad members to help them achieve their career goals and build opportunities via our eventing, content and education channels.
  • Ensure integration with the global team via events, group Facebook pages and other routes to develop the global community spirit
  • Continue to research and nurture relationship with new potential Squad members and artists via digital flirting

3)       Event Management

§  Propose, plan and execute event management for our key artistic events in line with the marketing and animation calendar

§  Work with the Brand Assistant and in collaboration with LA team and relevant creative teams, production agencies and eventing partners to organise and deliver these events successfully and on budget

§  Track and report on event performance in line with aforementioned KPIs

4)       Artistic Digital Engagement

§  Work with the Brand Assistant to grow following and increase engagement

§  Develop an artistic content strategy that can be used throughout Pulp Riot and its distribution partner’s education and marketing channels to build brand connection and education outreach. Plan and execute with the UK artists a content creation programme through events and hangouts to create this content and Work with the LA team to build UK content opportunities in to Pulp Riot TV on

§  Be the technical voice of, responding directly to any technical queries via DM

§  Track and report monthly on artistic engagement KPIs in line with aforementioned KPIs

5)       Education Administration

  • Manage all associated administration connected with the Pulp Riot education programme including setting up educators for payments, checking and processing educator invoices, managing POs (with assistant to raise)
  • Budget management of the education related elements of the A&P including the squad programme, artistic events, education class management and associated expenses such as travel.
  • Associated admin and records relating to Squad personal development plans
  • Performance reporting on all areas


  • A kick ass colour educator: you know your stuff colour-wise and can train and develop artists in their personal development as well as their technical confidence and skills.
  • a leader and people developer : you inspire others not only through your knowledge and technical capability but through a deep and authentic connection you build with those you work with
  • a challenger: you disrupt, you change the game: you are not afraid to change the status quo if it means getting the better result
  • autonomous: you are confident to act, knowing you’ve done your homework and spoke to the right people and so are equipped with everything you need to make things happen. 
  • A brand champion: You do things the Pulp Riot way, even if that means going against the L’Oreal grain, with pride and commitment to the brand
  • Tenacious: you draw on your experience, your contacts and the vast L’Oreal resources around you to achieve the success for the brand and yourself. You aren’t afraid to hustle!
  • A networker: you prioritise relationships, and build a network of peers and seniors around you who can help you achieve your goals.