Función del empleo: Medical

Tipo de puesto: Permanent

Tipo de empleo: Full - Time

Localización: George Town (Penang)

País: Malaysia


    Implements the medical action plan to increase recommendation.

    Carry out communication/promotional initiatives, and medical detailing aimed at target audience dermatologists.

    Enhance the image and increase recommendation of the brands, visit targeted doctors in the sector and present the brand’s products and services to increase recommendations.

    Promote the brands’ added value by emphasizing the technical and scientific characteristics of the products and services.

    Get to know the environment, the pathologies, the products, and the useful communication techniques for promoting the products and services

    Promote the products and services of the brand/Division to hospital and healthcare professionals so as to enhance the patient healthcare pathway (therapeutic education)

    Represent the brand/the Division at every contact opportunity with health professionals and ensure they are followed up (congresses, continuing medical education program)

    Organise and carry out training and communication initiatives aimed at health professionals as part of the hospital and medical relations strategy of the brand (face to face, digital)

    Develop partnerships with health establishments, KOLs dermatologists.

    Implement the medical visit strategy - Respect target coverage, visit frequency and product cycles.

    Make systematic use of available promotional tools (detailing aids, publications etc)

    Use all available digital and prints communication channels to increase message frequency

    Implement communication techniques to adapt to doctor’s needs and personalise the approach

    Analyse the territory and make proposals for territory action plans, implement it, monitor it and adapt it to optimize results.

    Implement corrective and improvement action plans

    Manage administrative and reporting tasks - Organise and optimise visit planning through current tracker system.

    Ensure monitoring of the environment, key players, medical and scientific knowledge and feed relevant information back up to headquarters.

    Ensure respect of both internal and external ethical standards regarding relations with health professionals.

    Flag up any adverse side effects to cosmeto-vigilance/ relevant department.


    Academic Background: An academic background in the sciences is essential.

    Experience: Preferably, candidates should have a minimum of 5 years of healthcare medical visit and detailing experience in the Pharma/healthcare industry. This experience should include coverage of specialists or private hospital channels.

    Medical Detailing Skills: The ideal candidate must demonstrate strong medical detailing skills, which encompass:

    Effective targeting and segmentation follow-up.

    The ability to establish an interactive and customized dialogue with physicians.

    Proficiency in handling objections and obtaining prescriptions.

    Maintenance of up-to-date physician files.

    Scientific Knowledge: Candidates should possess a strong foundation in scientific knowledge, including:

    Understanding skin and hair physio-pathologies and the broader medical environment.