Función Laboral: Operaciones

Tipo de contrato: Jornada Completa

Ubicación: Belgrade

País: Serbia

L'Oréal Balkan d.o.o. is looking for



Job description

- Lead a full end to end procurement process
- Analyses business needs and challenges demand: collect, understand and challenge stakeholders’ needs and promote demand management.
- Defines purchasing strategy: organize and gather market knowledge, propose advanced action plans to benefit from market opportunities
- Optimizes costs, monitor the performance and analyze P&Ls:
- Operates according to internal control principles and legal rules:
-Use appropriate risk management techniques to support the broader procurement strategy
-Use appropriate risk management techniques to support the broader procurement strategy
- Coordinate, track and leverage spend with departmental budget owners within the organization
- Demonstrate a functional understanding of all purchasing/procurement tools (SAP, Optis, CPP, Scorecard
- Supports and manages stakeholders’ relationships: Feed network with internal/external news, share best practices, Communicate / manage projects /share suppliers’ information with his stakeholders
- Support sustainably purchasing:  apply all purchasing/procurement processes (Buy and Care), following internal control rules.
- 2 years of experience in purchasing of indirect materials
- experience from international company with developed corporate responsibility
- knowledge of regional market
- university degree from economy or organisational sciences
- excellent communication and interpersonal skills
- excellent negotiation skills
-organized, multitasking
- English proficient
Deadline for application on English is 31st of December.