Función del empleo: Finance

Tipo de puesto: Permanent

Tipo de empleo: Full - Time

Localización: Singapore

País: Singapore

Key Accountabilities:

Contribute to the creation and protection of L’Oréal's assets by advising and guiding the entity internal clients in all matters concerning tax regulations:

  • Manage the tax burden of the entity
  • Guide and advise the entity CFO and the accounting team on tax matters: tax compliance, tax regulations, tax returns, tax payments, CbCR, tax Trend, tax calculation, etc.
  • Monitors and manage tax claims, tax credits, tax flows (customs formalities, tax deductions, …)
  • Manage tax documentation preparation and follow-up (eg: TP doc, …)
  • Build the tax plan/strategy by anticipating, identifying, evaluating, and monitoring the tax risks and opportunities for the entity
  • Build effective working relationships with the local tax authorities and lead the management and coordination of tax audits/litigations in close relation with Group Tax Department
  • Lead transversal initiatives/projects regarding tax matters across functions / entity’s hubs in close relation with other Tax Department (Entities / Zones / Group)
  • Develop a “tax intelligence” and monitor changes in laws / practices (expertise, technical competencies, alerts)
  • Communicate efficiently with the Internal tax network to alert and raise awareness of tax matters relating to business projects and risks (CFO, tax contacts within the Zone and the Group Tax Department)
  • Develop close coordination and cohesion with the Zone and the Group Tax department (Transfer Pricing, M&A, Customs and Reporting) for relevant tax matters
  • Develop an efficient professional network to collect best practices, tax alerts…and to represent the Company’s interests on tax issues when necessary
  • Lead and manage external tax providers (lawyers, advisers, consultants, …)

Professional & Technical Competencies

·       Expertise In Tax Regulations and Internal Standards

o   Remains continuously updated on relevant tax/customs changes

o   Knows tax/customs internal norms and standards and contributes to their evolution

o   Requests and challenges external expertise

o   Investigates and analyzes with precision tax risks and opportunities

o   Establishes and maintains an efficient professional network and leverages said network to share best practices

·       Decode and Influence

o   Clarifies and simplifies concepts to better meet expectations, advise properly in order to facilitate decision-making (pedagogical approach)

o   Listens actively and decodes facts and situations in order to make the correct diagnosis

o   Finds alternative options/solutions to meet business needs

·       Proactive Business Partner

o   Understands, challenges, contributes to improving business, provides strategic tax/customs advice and recommendations contributing to overall effectiveness of business

o   Develops a close relationship with his/her clients to raise awareness and to develop good reflexes on tax/customs issues

o   Interacts effectively and works closely with the Tax community as well as other functions (CFO, accountants, controllers, legal, IC, IT etc.)

·       Proactive Risk Manager

o   Anticipates and prevents tax risks

o   Evaluates the financial and fiscal impacts in order to have a better view of the tax / customs challenges

o   Negotiates and convinces internal (CFO, Accounting, Controlling, IT, Legal ...) and external stakeholders (Tax administration, consultants ...)

o   Mobilizes internal and external stakeholders in order to solve issues

o   Ensures effective and timely reporting to internal stakeholders

o   Takes ownership of actions plans and follow-up on tax issues


·       Minimum 10 years of relevant working experience

·       Solid understanding and working experience on SG tax matters

·       Comfortable to work in complex business entities environment

·       Good communication skills, stakeholders’ management

·       Experience in Big 4 firms is appreciated