Función Laboral: Investigación

Tipo de contrato: Jornada Completa

Ubicación: Shanghai - Shanghai

País: China

Job Responsibility:

Select technologies meeting the innovation objectives of the pole and potentialising the innovation stemming from various actors including Applied Research

- Design robust platforms that can be cascaded into winning formulas matching the defined performance objectives

- Pilot pre-development projects while guaranteeing that deadlines and cost requirements are met

- Transfer them to Development while sharing his/her expertise and retaining a leader role in project follow-up

- Emphasise the value of technologies to businesses through strong product pitches; where necessary, help improve the relevance and conformity of communication on technical and regulatory matters in line with L’Oréal procedures and positioning

- Be the guarantor of quality, safety and sustainable development commitments

- Participate in the development of expertise and know-how (market knowledge, new conception methods etc.)


- Major in Chemistry related

- Better to have the experience in formula development, 2-3 years working experiences

- Good communication skill

- Be careful, stable and diligent

- Transforms scientific/technical knowledge into inventions and innovations.

- Creates actives, technologies and products to maximize the perceived performance.

- Interprets results in the most relevant way and communicates them with integrity

- Continuously develops expertise and researches new technologies or methods. Shares and passes on scientific/technical expertise.

- Leverage digital to accelerate innovation, to open new areas of performance and develop connected cosmetic.

- Develops knowledge of consumers in all their diversity.

- Proposes creative ideas or scientific concepts based on consumer insights

- Translates consumer/market insights into outstanding product performance goals.

- Generates big concepts or technologies • Takes risks to create radical or disruptive innovation and manages them in an effective way • Maximizes major innovation projects, prioritizes and simplifies.

- Ensures compliance with quality, safety and sustainability.

- Shares the vision and translates it into effective goals

- Acts with a local and global perspective to achieve the multipolar innovation goals

- Promotes collaboration among functions to ensure collective performance

- Fosters dialogue with the business and brands to transform innovation into big market opportunities.