Función Laboral: Operaciones

Tipo de contrato: Jornada Completa

Ubicación: ILE DE FRANCE (except Paris)

País/Región: France


Join our Manufacturing Process teams!

*** Starting between January and April 2019 ***

It is 10:30 AM, Anthony finishes a phone call with a manager from Research & Innovation department, who finalizes the development of a new formula. During a team meeting, his manager asks him a risk analysis on that new formula. He also has to suggest a new manufacturing process for that future product launch. In addition, his manager asks him to think about the industrial feasibility of an innovative process. Anthony begins to work on these challenging projects!

Are you inspired by the daily impact Anthony is able to have during his internship? Then this experience in Process Engineering at L’Oréal is right for you!

L'Oréal has an ambitious objective for 2020: to reach a new billion consumers. As an industrial company, we produce nearly 7 billion finished products each year through our 41 factories around the world. Industry 4.0 is our core strategy Sustainability is at the heart of all our projects.

As part of Quality expertise, Pilot and Innovation Process teams are closely involved in product development. They facilitate the massive industrialization of our formulas while constantly seeking innovation and agility. They also optimize development and manufacturing processes. The Innovation Process team focuses on implementation of innovative processes from scratch whereas the Pilot team are the link between the formula proposed by Research and Innovation and the Manufacturing.

To find out more, check out Clara's testimony about her challenging experience!

Many internship offers are available in this field.

These are some missions you might have to achieve:

·         Manage risk analysis on formulas proposed by Research & Innovation

·         Elaborate the manufacturing processes for each product launches

·         Manage extrapolation tests between several manufacturing processes or between several formulas

·         Optimize the existing manufacturing processes

·         Develop methods of characterization for cosmetic products

·         Test the industrial feasibility of an innovative process and propose an industrialization strategy

·         Co-develop new processes by working closely with our formulation laboratories

What’s in it for you?

·         6 months surrounded by passionate teams

·         A formative experience, you will learn more than you could have imagined

·         Challenges, opportunities to be seized and as many responsibilities to take

·         The opportunity to innovate and create the products of tomorrow

·         HR support to help you shaping your future career

·         A compensation between 1250 € and 1400 € gross monthly

What will help you to get the job?

·      You are studying at an Engineering School / a Chemistry School / University pursuing a Master Degree with a specialization in Process Engineering and solid knowledge in Chemistry.

·         You speak English and French on a professional level.

·         With excellent interpersonal skills, you are able to communicate with many counterparts.

·         Result oriented, you are creative and innovation-centric.

·         Curious, you are proactive, have convictions and an ability to defend them.

Do you want to be part of the adventure? Accepting applications now!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the recruitment process like?

Our recruitment process is two-fold:

HR interview: an exploratory call / skype meeting with one of our recruiters to get to know you better and understand what you are looking for.

Manager interview: you will participate in a recruitment day (called A Taste of L’Oréal). In case of a scheduling conflict, the recruiter will work out an alternative interview process.

How much responsibility do you give to interns?

As an intern at L’Oréal, you will be welcomed as a full member of a team, with your scope and responsibilities. Of course, you will not be alone: your manager will provide you with objectives and a vision. However, to succeed you will need to keep in mind that you play the main part in your success and future projection in the Group. Entrepreneurship spirit is key J


What about the integration process?

During the first days of your internship, you will meet many people from your team, and other functions in order to broaden your vision of the Group’s challenges and help you to succeed in your job. All interns and apprentices will have access to our digital integration platform full of inspiring content, learning opportunities and possibilities to connect!

Additionally throughout your time with us, there will be other networking events.

Do you propose job at the end of an internship?

We take our interns and apprentices very seriously. So yes, it is our ultimate goal! In average, each year, former interns and apprentices fulfill 70% of our junior job needs. A very large number of our current employees at all levels have come through this type of experience.

I do not know anything about cosmetics: do I stand a chance?

Less than one-third of our interns have had previous experiences in the beauty industry. Being sensitive to cosmetics is indeed an asset. However, we give more credit to other essential qualities such as entrepreneurial spirit, innovation, and the ability to question and dare.