Función Laboral: E-Business

Tipo de contrato: Jornada Completa

Ubicación: London - Croydon

País: United Kingdom

Purpose of role:


Identify and impliment opportunities to grow our sales and operating profit globally across different channels using current and future data sources to model current consumer and transactional behaviour, indentify key business insights and then forecast future behaviour across country, product or channel.


Role Definitions

Key Job Accountabilities:


1.       Measure current business drivers directly

·         Using current and future data source available to identify the key business drivers and effective and efficient ways to monitor their impact across our different channels

·         Specific examples include;

o   Validate success of NPD launches.

o   Measure impact and success of promotions and golden rules

o   Measure retail pricing elasticity

o   Measure impact of key initiatives such as store redesign

o   Validate success of new customer recruitment initiatives

·         Constantly improve methodologies and dashboards to refine the insights.

·         Use analytics to see the ROI of media activities (digital marketing, outdoor,  TV trial etc.)


2.       Identify and action key business insights including;

·         Drivers of NPD success

·         Category drivers of growth/decline

·         To develop hypothesis on a continuous basis around negative or positive variances that are proven or disproven through analytical interrogation of the data

·         To use curiosity and analytical integrity to ensure the data presented is accurate and meaningful


3.       Forecast future behaviour

·         Apply data analysis and data modelling techniques to establish trends and forecasts.

·         Set up reliable system (integrated with CMI and Commercial) for forecasting sales potential on NPD

·         Identify key target audiences within our database and ways to optimize sales though increases spend, frequency or trading up


4.       Lead the analytics function globally

·         Devlop and action the analytics stategy for the business

·         Helping markets optimise business analytics reporting

·         Work closely and present findings directly to senior stakeholders in the business

·         Support team on meta-analysis, drivers analysis and key multivariate statistical techniques to feed into insight projects

·         Find new and better data sources to unlock business insight

·         In conjunction with the International IT function, ensure that appropriate software systems/solutions are in place to accelerate the access to data and reports by more people in the business, more quickly

·         To have a mastery status for the database structure and data content and the analytical tools that can enable data to be extracted into usable information formats



Working Relationships & Interfaces (where applicable):

·         International Commercial

·         International Finance

·         Zones/ Markets

·         Excom

·         L’Oreal peers