Función del empleo: Operations Development

Tipo de puesto: Permanent

Tipo de empleo: Full - Time

Localización: Bangkok

País: Thailand

The retail SC organization will evolve with the implementation of processes and systems (Auto Replenishment System). At present, Retail SC Managers are more focused on calculation and planning execution, whilst being strong change agents to involve the Retail teams in the upcoming processes and changesIn the future, after process implementation and ARS, Retail SC Managers will be more focused on analysis, optimization of business in stores, with visible added value on store efficiency and P&L.

Expected skills:

  • Understand the pain points, the needs and the ways of working of stores to deliver the right service level and the right support to enhance stores performance
  • Replenishment process and Stock management
  • Be able to influence stores operations, merchandising, marketing, distribution center, stakeholders, to ensure a reliable, cost effective supply chain
  • Stand up for supply chain interests with the CRO and the business partners
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  • Experience in change management, project management
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Expected results (criteria of success):

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  • Implement the Retail Supply Chain handbook, pass information to the zone team on needed improvements and evolutions