Función del empleo: Operations

Tipo de puesto: Permanent

Tipo de empleo: Full - Time

Localización: North Little Rock, AR

País: United States


To serve as leaders within production and processing activities, to ensure high levels of safety, quality, housekeeping and production while adhering to departmental standards

 Educational, Mental, or Certification Requirements

  • High School education or GED equivalency required;
  • Demonstrated leadership skills and abilities;
  • Experience and knowledge of specific production/processing areas, machinery, and product items is required;
  • Ability to work within a team environment.

 General Job Duties

  • Provide additional shift leadership and daily production decisions
  • Supervise baseline expectations of fellow employees;
  • Set the standard for production expectations and work ethic within their cell;
  • Service line modules/machines;
  • Work in progress adjustments (speed, timing, setup, pressures, parameters);
  • Perform hourly quality checks (weight, drop, payoff appearance);
  • Complete formula changeovers;
  • Daily performance meetings;
  • See printout attached;
  • Keep production line stocked;
  • Ability to cake all format of cakes;
  • Perform all audits according to “Line Surveillance Check Point” standards;
  • Perform visual inspection of product for quality assurance; verify bundle labels correspond to production;
  • Clean equipment and perform custodial responsibilities to maintain a clean, safe, and orderly work area;
  • Pull quality samples and maintain quality objectives;
  • Communicate machine problems to appropriate responsible party;
  • Document downtime;
  • Practice teamwork and relieve on lines for breaks, lunches, and assist other team member as time permits;
  • Prepare paperwork and complete computer transactions (Refer to specific Department duties);
  • Perform other duties as directed.

 Tools and Equipment Used In Job

  • Occasionally use safety scissors, safety knife, screwdriver, crescent wrench, bucket opener, key ratchet, putty knife, steel brushes, tweezers, cake scoops, powder scoops.
  • Occasionally use large equipment such as drum rollers, drum hoists, E-Z lifts, pallet jacks (electronic and manual), and forklifts

 Environmental Factors

  • Machinery may produce noise levels that exceed OSHA’s actions level;
  • Employees are provided with and are required to wear personal hearing protection devises in these areas;
  • Raw materials and cleaning products may produce potential respiratory hazards; employees are provided with and may/must wear particulate respirators or other respirators when appropriate;
  • Moving machinery, such as forklifts: employees required to operate a forklift must successfully complete forklift operator training;
  • All Cell Operatives are provided with and required to wear safety glasses, hair nets, uniform smocks, steel-toed shoes (depending on specific department requirements.);
  • All employees are properly trained in use of adjunct lifting/moving equipment and proper body mechanics;
  • Depending on cleaning and sanitization procedure, Cell Operatives will be trained and provided with appropriate personal equipment (i.e., respirator, dust mask, gloves, face shield and/or apron).

 Essential Functions

This position requires an individual to constantly perform on and/or all of the following movement/functions: Handle, reach, feel, perform fine motor manipulations with their hands, and performing gross motor manipulations involved in assembly, stocking machinery, and moving equipment/supplies.


  • Plan in advance for “changeover” and coordinate services with the mechanics to adjust equipment, clean equipment, or replace equipment efficiently to minimize the downtime in the production cell;
  • Maintain open and professional communication with other employees and supervisors;
  • Work as a team member, make decisions, and use adequate organizational and time management skills;
  • Have working knowledge of the production process, items produced, and equipment utilized in maintaining production/processing within specific industrial norms and standards;
  • Have visual/auditory acuity required to read and understand written material required by their position;
  • Read and comprehend written instructions and reports;
  • Compete computerized tasks involving labor and material management;
  • Complete written and computer-generated reports;
  • Work flexible hours/shifts, including overtime;
  • Maintain a safe work environment and follow all safety procedures;
  • Ensure a high standard of quality and follow all quality and GMP procedures;
  • Demonstrate good attendance.


  •  Exceed expectations as an employee
  • Demonstrate an excellent level of attendance
  • Possess the leadership skills necessary to advise a team during a situation of uncertainty
  • Understand the key L’Oreal expectations within safety, quality, housekeeping and production
  • Operate a computer terminal;
  • Work independently and as a team member, make decisions, and use adequate organizational and time management skills;
  • Maintain a safe work environment and follow all safety procedures; Communicate well with other cell members, and cell supervisors;
  • Lifting in excess of 50 pounds;
  • Pushing or pulling in excess of 165 pounds;
  • Using a power work (Tugger) to pull in excess of 900 pounds;
  • May substitute or fill-in for a tem member when needed.
  • Must produce World Class Results through teamwork.
  • Must selflessly develop others.
  • Must thrive within a changing organization.
  • Efficiently produce quality cosmetics in the right quality at the right time for L’Oreal USA customers.
  • Must create and provide an environment in which employees can work safely and thrive.
  • Must act as a responsible citizen in our company and community.
  • Must manage the plant’s assets to maximize our stockholders return.
  • Must demonstrate a 100% responsibility and not make excuses or cast blame.
  • Must implement and utilize the NLR L’Oreal USA communication model.
  • Resolve conflicts directly.
  • Must listen for understanding.
  • Must have a positive attitude.
  • Must be committed to team decisions.

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer and take pride in a diverse environment. We do not discriminate in recruitment, hiring, training, promotion or other employment practices for reasons of race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, age, marital or veteran status, medical condition or disability, or any other legally protected status.

If you require a reasonable accommodation to complete an application for a recognized disability under applicable law, please email [email protected]. Please note this email will only respond to specific requests for assistance completing the application as a request for accommodation for a disability. All others will not be considered.