Función del empleo: Data

Tipo de puesto: Beca

Tipo de empleo: Jornada Completa

Localización: Dubai

País: United Arab Emirates


 The business analyst has to be the centre of our business intelligence for sell in and sell out, sharing all insights with the wider cross-functional teams in order for them to drive actionable plans. Covers total GCC

  * Provide Data driven findings.
  * Cleaning and preparing data for analysis
  * Exploratory data analysis
  * Building and testing various modelling methods
  * Communicating and visualizing results
  * Maintain and update existing reports based on routine schedules.
  * Define user requirements and develop new reports.
  * Developing tools that aid business tracking of sell in and sell out in a clear and timely way
  * Integrating the use of current business tools available along with unique solutions for specific business cases
  * Constantly seeking ways of better and more efficient data management either through new processes or tools

  * Experience in roles handling significant amounts of data which need to be simplified ideally close to real business cases
  * Intermediate Excel and Microsoft Access skills required
  * Written and spoken English

  * Analytical with strong excel skills coupled with the ability to draw summaries from large data sets, taking out the ‘so what’
  * Strong sense of urgency and timely delivery
  * Can remain close to the business dynamics in order to understand the context of analysis
  * Continually seeking to perfect and improve current processes and databases to increase business usability and insight
  * Attention to details