Función del empleo: Sales

Tipo de puesto: Beca

Tipo de empleo: Jornada Completa

Localización: Dubai

País: United Arab Emirates


 * Follow up activity plans on monthly basis with distributors of Kuwait, Qatar, Oman and Bahrain
 * Update Secondary sales reports and adjust the phasing plan. 
 * Develop new formats for the sales analysis by brand, by franchises
 * Validate Promo Plans by mechanic by month maintaining a 4 months horizon and controlling the promo sales weight and promo on budget
 * Monitor and share analysis of stocks coverage by SKU with distributors
 * Follow the forecast process on monthly basis
 * Monitor the weighted distribution by sku by door to maximize distribution in the market
 * Assist in servicing distributors and other department’s daily needs
 * Monitor and share best practices of Distributors with internal departments on quarterly basis