Domaine: Ressources Humaines

Type d‘emploi: Temps plein

Ville: Panama City - Head Quarters

Pays/Région: Panama

Carry out all activities linked to the pay and administration of personnel. 
  • Handle variable aspects of pay and personnel transfers within the pay Information System for all unit employees, carry out checks by applying various regulations and respecting deadlines (internalized pay). 
  • Handle variable aspects of pay and personnel movements within the pay Information System, control pay updates and report anomalies to service providers (externalized pay). 
  • Carry out social security declarations and maintain relations with social security bodies. 
  • Carry out all processes linked to personnel administration and keep individual personnel files up-to-date. 
  • Provide support and assistance to Human Resources teams and to associates on matters relating to the pay and administration of personnel. 
  • Responsible for the administration of benefits for the personnel such as medical insurances, etc
  • Consolidate data, ensuring the reliability of data, and prepare social indicators. 
  • Report problems impacting payments being made. 
  • Prepare financial and fiscal information linked to pay within the framework of internal and external demands.

OPERATIONAL MASTER - Deliver a service of excellence 
  • Champions HR tools 
  • Delivers HR Fundamentals 
  • Guarantees Compliance 
PEOPLE CHAMPION - Build diverse team of champions 
  • Attracts, Recruits and Integrates Diverse Talents 
  • Customizes Employee Development 
  • Creates Continuous Employee Proximity 
CHANGE AGENT - Anticipate and facilitate change 
  • Shares L’Oréal Culture 
  • Enhances Collective Engagement 
  • Creates Future Readiness 
STRATEGIC BUSINESS DRIVER - Transforms business challenges into HR Strategy 
  • Develops Business Acumen 
  • Anticipates Talent Pipeline 
  • Drives Individual and Collective Performance