Domaine: Supply Chain

Type d‘emploi: Temps plein

Ville: Pennsylvania - Manchester

Pays: USA

POSITION: Picker/Packer
REPORTS TO: Warehouse Supervisor
LOCATION: East Manchester, PA
FLSA Status: Non-Exempt

SUMMARY (describe in a few sentences, the overall role):
General responsibilities include picking and packing of products to our store/salon customers at minimum performance levels.

?Maintain work areas to ensure they are kept clean and free of debris.
?Pick items by each or case to be packed and sent to shipping department
?Batch picking for multiple boxes and orders will occur together
?Cross train in the shipping department for additional coverage
?Other warehouse duties as needed

POSITION REQUIREMENTS (To include relevant work experience, competencies and education requirements):
High School Diploma or GED required
?Ability to speak and understand English
?Must have basic reading & writing skills to read labels, literature, policy manuals etc.
?Ability to learn use of computer and radio frequency devices (RF gun or wearable wrist scanner).
?Must be reliable and on-time to work each day.
?Must be able to meet department standards for productivity, quality, pick time
?Good work ethics and ability to interface effectively with others in a fast-paced team environment.
?Must wear protective eyewear, footwear, hand protection (gloves) and safety vests
?Abide by all safety rules and expectations
?Attention to detail is a must – the customer must receive an accurate, damage free and properly labeled order