Fonction professionnelle: Others

Type de poste: Permanent

Type de contrat: Full - Time

Site: Tokyo

Pays: Japan

Job Description

 To prepare for implementation and summary the following:

* Qualitative evaluation by hairdressing techniques
*  To test products and/or routines from a hairdresser stand point and evaluate performance in absolute or compariason vs a bench
* To test a product vs a precise concept and see if it matches or not 
* To identify new winning products and or services

 Must Have Aspects

* Knowledge of hairdressing and have working experience of hairdressing at least 5 years
* trong salon business mind set and think how the product he or she evaluates 
* would/could be used in salon to generate additional business
* Strong sensory skills of touch, smell, etc
* Entrepreneurship and constructive (Not just criticize or point out flaws)

Preferred Qualification

* Able to be very precise and sharp in feedback and take ownership of his or her test.
* Ideally the person has been in charge of qualitative studies  in the companies which are manufactures and import professional products, and  has years experiences of interviewing, analyses and reporting. ( not compulsory )
* Have a skill to communicate in English.
* Have a good at writing in Japanese/English.
* Middle skills in excel, word and powerpoint applications.

Please submit your resume in both Japanese and English