Fonction professionnelle: Research & Innovation

Type de poste: Permanent

Type de contrat: Full - Time

Site: Shanghai

Pays: China


·         Achieve scientific leadership

1)      Apply good lab practices and procedure implemented to compliance with hygiene and safety regulations

2)      Take actions allowing evaluation of safety performance and quality of products in his/her activity domain.

3)      Develops specific knowledge about his domain

4)      Adapt experiment/manipulation when needed

·         Translate scientific knowledge into business growth

1)      Alert in case of quality drift and non-conformity of the results

2)      Ensure results analysis and interpretation, and start to propose next steps/proposals/technical solutions

3)      Ensure regular reporting of his activities.

4)      Use the information systems and specific applications in the lab

·         Participate in leading and developing team to achieve results

1)      Autonomy to organize his activities by respecting instructions process and timing.

2)      Ensure when needed the interfaces with other partners linked to the different steps/aspects of his/ her technical activities

3)      Start to transfer his/ her knowledge and know-how, and provide technical support to colleagues in certain projects

4)      Participate in some simple administrative and logistic work

5)      Get involved in the daily management of the laboratory


·         Master degree or above, major in chemistry, analytical chemistry. With 1-2 years working experiences in cosmetic, pharmacy, fine chemistry industry. Familiar with analytical techniques and instruments such as: GC, HPLC, LC-MS, GC-MS, UV spectrometry, IR etc.

·         With necessary guidance, could independently follow lab SOP to conduct experiment and manipulation. Leveraging his knowledge in chemistry/analytical chemistry, primary experiences in applying varieties of analysis tools in order to solve simple problems.

·         Practicable communication skills to interact with internal and external partners to ensure transmission of result.

·         Ability to adapt/optimize experiment process/manipulation when needed, could start to think and propose primary technical solution.

·         Autonomy and team work spirit.

·         Fluent in speaking and good in writing English.