Domaine: Opérations

Type d‘emploi: Temps plein

Ville: UK - Manchester - Bury

Pays: United Kingdom

Purpose of the role:

To manage the Preparation of Professional Product orders through to customer. Your role as part of the Physical Distribution team is to work in collaboration with the Flows, Logistics and Customer Care teams to prepare orders to our customers, on time, in full and in the most efficient way.  You will be responsible for the largest population of colleagues in the Bury DC and will play a key role in driving a world-class safety culture.  You will be responsible for ensuring that quality of order execution is a priority and cost efficiencies are driven, through close management and regular constructive feedback to your warehouse colleagues.  You are key to creating an environment of continuous improvement and a culture of Interdependence where colleagues can solve problems themselves, both large and small. You are a key to making Bury a GREAT place to work and regularly recognising when your team and others have gone above and beyond the call of duty.


Your key job accountabilities:

  • Ensure a safe work environment is maintained for all – Lead your team to an Interdependent Safety Culture.

  • Review and investigate all safety incidents in the warehouse and share learnings with all colleagues.

  • Close management of Quality KPI’s understanding and sharing with the whole team the key drivers and the correct standards to follow.

  • Manage your team to ensure 100% compliance of Marquage (AD) scanning of live products in the DC.

  • Full control of monthly labour spend in the warehouse – reporting and analysing reasons if variations from budget and closely tracking Year on Year (YOY) variations.

  • Maintain a multi-skilled workforce, allowing full flexibility to react to change in business need immediately.

  • Develop a strategy with your team to accurately and consistently capacity plan – ensuring world-class service is maintained in the most efficient way.

  • Monthly complete the activity performance dashboard – analysing hours used and activity performance achieved – working in close collaboration with the Flows manager to ensure full optimisation of resource.

  • Utilise available tools to closely manage teams performance understanding and acting on areas for improvement

  • Conduct regular 1 to 1’s with your team to ensure they are receiving regular feedback on their performance and address and support areas of development.

  • Create a forum for the whole Order Preparation team to share ideas and concerns they may have ensuring collaboration and problem-solving together, is at the heart of these discussions.

  • Develop close working relationship with the Customer Care team ensuring that your team are providing THE BEST service to our customers.


Essential skills required:

  • Experience of leading people and demonstrate a strong coaching style

  • Managing conflict

  • Strong Influencing and negotiation skills

  • Forward planning

  • Meticulous approach, demonstrates highest attention to detail and completes tasks to the required standard

  • Positive attitude, self-motivated – a keen desire to explore improvement opportunities

  • Change Management and Continuous Improvement experience would be a benefit

  • Strong excel and analysis skills

The opportunity:

This is a very important role within the physical distribution team.  The role manages the largest portion of hours in the DC and therefore has the biggest influence on everything related to Safety Culture and DC Spend – the 2 most important elements of the distribution centre.