Domaine: Recherche

Type d‘emploi: Temps plein

Ville: Shanghai - Shanghai

Pays: China

Key responsibility:

Be responsible for assigned eye make up dev/predev project management
o Propose and develop vendor innovation in line with marketing policy and consumer expectations
o Integrate vendor innovation that bring consumer perceivable benefit
o Ensure quality/safety compliance/regulations/performance  of formulas
o Coordinate the DEV project development  to ensure launch commitments are met with regard to lead time and cost until formula.
o Officialize formulas by coordinating and validating all development phases and providing updates on formula availability.
o Provide monitoring (scientific, technological, patent, evaluation, etc.) and contribute to safeguarding L’Oréal intellectual property
o Play an active role in developing know-how and expertise and sharing within teams.
o Mobilize and coordinates those involved both internal and external.

Key Qualifications:
oCross-disciplinary vision and chemistry related background, lab work/formulation experience, understanding of research activities and relevant scientific and technical application, Master and above is more preferred but not limited.
o Creativity, proposes creative ideas or scientific concepts
o Sense and knowledge about makeup products, closely follow and have prospective view of makeup trend, consumer centric thinking, market awareness
o Summarizing/abstracting and presentation skill  
o Organizational skills, versatility and responsiveness
o Working under pressure, hard working
o  Communication skills, and fluent in English and Chinese