Fonction professionnelle: Operations

Type de poste: Apprenticeship

Type de contrat: Full - Time

Site: Paris

Pays: France



Join our Packaging teams!


*** Starting September 2019 ***


It is 10:30 AM, Thomas ends a meeting with the Marketing Development about a new launch of an Ecofriendly Shampoo with a refillable packaging with biodegradable materials. His manager asks him to think about the technical design of Packaging by learning about the possible materials and suppliers that could answer the Marketing Brief. Challenge accepted! Thomas takes his phone and contacts our suppliers!

Are you inspired by the daily impact Thomas is able to have during his apprenticeship? Then this experience in Packaging at L’Oréal is right for you!


Packaging teams are constantly innovating to revolutionize the Beauty market. Their role is to participate in designing new products to meet the daily needs of our consumers. Collaborating with the Industrial Development teams, Purchasing teams, suppliers and factories, Packaging teams have to master the creation of innovative, functional, attractive and environmentally friendly packaging while meeting our consumers’ expectations. In increasingly shorter deadlines, rigor and pragmatism are necessary to face design challenges by relying on all available digital technologies such as CAD, 3D printing or digital simulation.

For more information, check out this interview with Packaging Expertise Director L'Oréal and Matthew's video tour!!

But more concretely, how is an internship in Packaging at L’Oréal? Georges and Camille share with you their experience!

Many apprenticeship offers are available in the field of Packaging in the various Operational Departments or in the expertise or compatibility teams.

These are some missions you might have to achieve:

  • Contribute to the technical development of packaging

  • Collect and integrate all the technical, production, economic and standardization constraints needed for the design

  • Be a creative force at Definition step and ensure every step are in accordance with timings, costs, and our sustainability objectives

  • Ensure risk analysis during design

  • Provide technical support to operational teams and carry out appraisals to respond to customer expectations

  • Advise and offer expertise during the design phase

  • Provide a technical and regulatory watch in the area of ​​expertise

  • Implement the tests needed to identify and provide optimum solutions in terms of quality, sustainability and cost

  • Investigate technologies to develop new opportunities for innovative packaging

  • Ensure the compatibility of formula/packaging combinations

  • Identify and propose ways of improving existing products (functionality, cost, quality, productivity, etc.)

        What's in it for you ?

        • An experience surrounded by passionate teams
        • A lot of challenges to be seized and as many responsibilities to take
        • The opportunity to innovate and create the products of tomorrow
        • A formative experience, you will learn more than you could have imagined
        • HR support to help you shaping your future career

        What will help you to get the job ?

        • You are a student in Engineering School / University pursuing a Master Degree with knowledge in mechanics, design, industrial product design, materials.

        • You have great relationship skills and you are able to convince

        • You are rigorous and curious

        • Passionate about technical issues, you are sensitive to the business and you are consumer-centric

        • You speak English and French at a proficiency level

        Do you want to be part of the adventure? Accepting applications now!

        Frequently Asked Questions

        What is the recruitment process like?

        Our recruitment process is two-fold:

        HR interview: an exploratory call / skype meeting with one of our recruiters to get to know you better and understand what you are looking for.

        Manager interview: you will participate in a recruitment day (called A Taste of L’Oréal). In case of a scheduling conflict, the recruiter will work out an alternative interview process.

        How much responsibility do you give to apprentices?

        As an intern at L’Oréal, you will be welcomed as a full member of a team, with your scope and responsibilities. Of course, you will not be alone: your manager will provide you with objectives and a vision. However, to succeed you will need to keep in mind that you play the main part in your success and future projection in the Group. Entrepreneurship spirit is key J


        What about the integration process?

        During the first days of your apprenticeship, you will meet many people from your team, and other functions in order to broaden your vision of the Group’s challenges and help you to succeed in your job. All interns and apprentices will have access to our digital integration platform full of inspiring content, learning opportunities and possibilities to connect!

        Additionally throughout your time with us, there will be other networking events.

        Do you propose job at the end of an apprenticeship?

        We take our interns and apprentices very seriously. So yes, it is our ultimate goal! In average, each year, former interns and apprentices fulfill 70% of our junior job needs. A very large number of our current employees at all levels have come through this type of experience.

        I do not know anything about cosmetics: do I stand a chance?

        Less than one-third of our apprentices have had previous experiences in the beauty industry. Being sensitive to cosmetics is indeed an asset. However, we give more credit to other essential qualities such as entrepreneurial spirit, innovation, and the ability to question and dare.