Fonction professionnelle: Communication

Type de poste: Permanent

Type de contrat: Full - Time

Site: Ho Chi Minh City

Pays: Vietnam

  • A/ General Job scope:
  • on the protection and enforcement of trademarks, i.e. the names, symbols, images, logos and special characters which are used to identify L’Oréal and their products and services in Vietnam.

B/ Main responsibilities:

·            Being responsible for researching all L’Oréal trademarks to check if they’re in use properly in Vietnam on all distribution channels and report on monthly base.

·            Providing training to enforcement teams of relevant enforcement groups on fake cosmetics identification, and relevant information to distributor/warehouse involving in counterfeiting for market raids and checks from relevant authorities.

·            Expertise in building communication programs of fake cosmetics and IP violation on multimedia channel

·            Coordinating with the Group IP Team in exchanging information of counterfeiting and providing relevant information to authorities

·            Completing all administrative documentation relevant to protection of trademarks with multiple jurisdictions not later than 48 hours since the date of receiving.

·            Ensuring to update registration of new trademarks with relevant authorities to enforce trademark rights in Vietnam.

·            Coordinating with sales team to get alignment in action plan and provide contextual advice and expert guidance in trademark litigation to brands team.

·            Other projects/tasks as assigned.