Função: Comercial e Desenvolvimento de Negócios

Tipo de Emprego: Tempo Integral

Localização: Tokyo

País: Japan

Job Description
To maximize brand's sales and market share of the area or business territory 
* Present and deliver brand essence, branding with clear mission statements to customers 
* Construct the brand sales of the area
* Ensure the brand strategy to be implemented at store or POS (point-of-sales) level
* Ensure perfect execution of merchandising or brand image at POS
* Manage sales force (or BA) for efficiency, motivation, development, and day-to-day support
* Represent and negotiate to department store side (cosmetic floor buyers) or business partner side for better brand exposure
* Develop solid relationship with brand's customers
 Must Have Aspects
* Knowledge of sales field (sales force or BA, market environment and competition )
* Knowledge of the latest sales tools (CRM, data system etc.)
* Experience of negotiation or communication skills
* Basic business level of English communication
* Fluent in speaking and writing Japanese
 Preferred Qualification
* International business experience
* Advanced English communication skills

Please submit your resume in Japanese