Função: Outros

Tipo de Emprego: Tempo Integral

Localização: Cairo

País: Egypt

Location: 10th of Ramadan City - Industria West Area 
Tasks & Responsibilities:
  • Deal with medical cases

  • Approval of sick leaves

  • determine medical cases for light duties

  • create case studies for work environment

  • Ensure all clinic preparation services (medications and devices)

  • Ensure medical insurance service level

  • managing medical claims and follow up

  • Addition and deletion of dependents

  • Approvals of medical services

  • Reporting of work incidents

  • Responsible of Pre-hiring examination

  • dealing with governmental medical insurance

  • cyclic checkup

  • Keep records for medical history for employees 

  • keep data daily updated (sick leave, medications, claims, consumption, complains)

  • Reports and statistics (monthly and yearly)

  • Responsible for Regular medical events (screening, courses, awareness,..)

  • Responsible for the 1st aid boxes located inside the factory as the first emergency point for any incidents


- Bachelor's degree of Medicine

-  Previous experience with Medical insurance companies

- Good command of English and Good user of Microsoft Office