Função: Digital

Tipo de Emprego: Tempo Integral

Localização: Dubai

País: United Arab Emirates

Job Content

Define and lead the country brand strategy in consistency with the international brand positioning and the country’s priorities

- Define the strategic brand directions and guide portfolio priorities (new launches, pillars and animation of core catalogue)

- Steer the collection and analysis of consumer and market insights, understand the contry specificities and share findings with the zone to ensure a tailor-made with the country’s needs

- Take ownership of international launches and create the right angle of attack to build integrated, engaging consumer brand experiences locally. Supervise the entire development process and the respect of deadlines

- Own the brand patrimony, guarantee the brand image: ensure that all marketing mix strategies & communications (360/Retail/Digital/ Imagery) are in line with the sense of purpose

- Translate the brand’s sense of purpose into a retail excellence strategy for the country: closely work and lead the change with the design and education team on all retail topics (merchandising/BA trainings/…)

- Be the pivot contact between the zone and the Distributor/Retailer on all marketing topics

- Manage the budget (sales forecast; price strategy, profitability of the brand, P&L, etc.)

Develop and Lead the digitalization of the market  in consistency with the international brand guidelines and the retailers priorities

- Understand the market specificities on Digital and work closely with distributor on a tailor-made approach to develop the e-commerce in line with our brand image and guidelines

- Recruit Influencers for our key brands and work on a yealy calendar to drive and animate them

- Develop our Instagram and hashtags activity  for the country

- Work with one or 2 retailers on a CRM calendar and mailer strategy to develop our brands in the market

- Build, develop and train the intern on the digital expertise and know-how  



• Understand the market specificities and build a brand strategy tailor-made to the country specifity

• Insure perfect execution of the marketing mix (assortment/pricing/…) as well as launches and marketing plan implementation

• Lead the Retail Excellence in all point of sales and drive the Retail Design and Education Team towards this goal

• Daily communication with the distributor to vehicule our brand image and sense of purpose while understanding the market and retail specificities

• Work closely with logistic teams on sales forecasts and product availability/launches pipefills 

• Monthly analysis of the the SO results and sharing it with the zone

• Develop  and lead the implementation of Digital in the country: Understand the market specifities, gather information from the brands, follow zone guidelines and insure perfect execution and adaptation at local level while following the brand image and sense of purpose. 


Education/ Qualification: Marketing & Digital

No of years experience: 6+ years experience

Preferred experience : MarketingManager/Director – Digital – Luxury Brands Background Ideally  - If not, Cosmetics experience/affinity

Functional Skills & Specific Knowledge

• In-depth knowledge of brands/category/products

• Research and market data analysis

• Knowledge of markets trends and consumers

• Knowledge of local retail dynamics and environment

• Financial knowledge (P&L, S21, Cost of Goods, sales forecasts)

• Digital content knowledge

• Ability to adapt advertising creative material

• Communication and leadership skills

Written & spoken language

English & Farsi