Cargo: Research & Innovation

Tipo de posição: Permanent

Tipo de emprego: Full - Time

Local: Mumbai

País: India


  • Understand project objectives and translate to actionable survey design –  brief, recruitment/ screening questionnaires and/or discussion guide. Objectively define the success criteria.
  • Ability to work on numerous projects simultaneously in an efficient manner, with clear priorities, timelines and study plans. Coordination, alignment with global teams on projects as needed.
  • Know how to run a typical consumer test :
    - define relevant targets,
    - build a sample  with  relevant quotas
    - write and/or review & finalize relevant discussion guides/questionnaire  avoiding survey bias
    - follow or execute fieldwork appropriately
    - provide clear & objective analysis and recommendations.

- writing briefs/ test designs

- awareness on basic data quality check measures & practices

-  Able to analyze simple % meanings  but also statistics outputs (segmentations, clusterization, driver analysis, correlation…)

- Able to propose most relevant type of statistical analysis to maximize the output of the data

  • Know how to choose the most relevant analyses to answer the brief objective
  • Able to analyse the outputs (simple and complex) and go beyond the facts, deep dive analysis  and translating the data into meaningful findings, clear conclusions and actionable recommendations.
  • Information synthesis: Should be able to synthesize information on slides in a crisp manner, so as to communicate results effectively.
  • Effective vendor management
    – briefing agencies fully, managing timelines, challenging timings and budget where necessary, ensuring good quality of output. Ability to select the most relevant agency, ensuring compliancy with legal requirements especially with new agencies, that would best answer our expectations/needs.
  • Organising deliverables e.g. samples, questionnaires , toplines and report  in a timely manner. 
  • Expert in handling MS excel, ppt, etc.