Função: Operações

Tipo de Emprego: Tempo Integral

Localização: SP - MADRID

País: Spain

ESTAR ORIENTADO HACIA EL CLIENTE • Fomentar una Supply Chain impulsada por la demanda, cuya prioridad sea el servicio • Aportar valor añadido al cliente CONTROLAR LOS RIESGOS Y ACTUAR DE MANERA RESPONSABLE • Dominar la normativa interna de Calidad, EHS, Finanzas y Supply chain • Integrar las regulaciones externas relacionadas con su actividad LLEVAR A CABO SU ACTIVIDAD CON EXCELENCIA OPERATIVA Y AGILIDAD • Optimizar los flujos de información, física y financiera, a lo largo de la totalidad de la Supply chain • Utilizar los datos de negocios para la mejora continua • Mejorar la flexibilidad, reacción y fiabilidad • Dominar los costes a lo largo de la Supply chain CULTIVAR UN ESPÍRITU RENOVADOR • Anticipar la actividad de negocio y actuar de manera proactiva • Ahondar la posición de la Supply chain en el interior del negocio

Ensure the smooth execution of the planning process in order to guarantee the availability of the product while optimising customer service and cost and while improving the quality of stocks.
- Build the Supply plan of the entity based on the validated sales forecasts, the co-packing plan and the stocks and supply/procurement parameters. - Check the logistic feasibility through the analysis of the stocks equation. And exchange with the MSL about the long-term issues (capacity, gap between capacity and demand) - Determine the stock and supply parameters according to the objectives of service rate, costs and global targetted stock. - Manage the replenishment process through the evaluation of the shortage risks and by communicating priorities to the MSL. - Manage stock levels in accordance with the objectives of the country and analyze obsoletes and slow movers. Define and implement action plans. - Decrease shortages by the analysis of the causes, the definition of the action plans and the challenges of suppliers about the MAD dates of products which are out of stock. - Define and follow the Key Performance Indicators (out of stock, service rate, stock) and communicate them internally and to the MSL. - Build the budgeted stock according to the stock and supply parameters. - Participate to the best practices improvement - For the field expert ("Local Business Owner"): Contribute to the improvement of the processes and information