Função: Operações

Tipo de Emprego: Tempo Integral

Localização: Cairo

País/Região: Egypt

According to the organisation of the Delivery Center, ensure its activities in managing operations linked to receiving/storage/orders preparation/replenishment/& shipping of finished goods and POS materials in compliance with the Delivery Center objectives and the Group policy.

- Manage an operational team of logistics operators and managers etc.

 - Optimise resources to meet objectives in terms of level of safety and service, costs, and manage budgets

 - Implement the EHS policy of the QSE insuring the compliance with the objectives of the Delivery Center especially in terms of security, quality and environmental impact

 - According to the organisation, anticipate needs in participating in marketing/sales meetings of his/her Business Unit(s).

- Optimise the Delivery Center organisation in participating to transversal projects (ex: SHAP, SIO, etc...)

- Build dashboards and indicators in order to animate performance within his/her team. Identify actions for improvement and best practices.

- Recruit, develop and manage his/her team. Ensure the transfer of expertise and know-how and implement organisational changes.

 - According to the organisation of the Delivery Center:

- Manage the physical flows through the organization of receiving, replenishment & shipping, according to the objectives of safety and agreed delivery schedules.

- Optimise docks management according to the activity and to the transport plan, and by following the safety standards.

- Manage and coordinate the orders preparation activities.

 - Manage stocks by ensuring of its compliance (inventory) and by optimising the storage capacity of the Delivery Center.


- 5-10 years of experiences in the Flows and Warehouse

- Leadership and innovation skills is mandatory

- SAP User expert

- Ability to manage Flows team

- People management skills where at least 2 years in a managerial position

- Bachelor's degree of Engineering or related field