Функция: Отдел исследований

Тип занятости: Полный рабочий день

Место расположения: Shanghai - Shanghai

Страна: China

Job description
- To be responsible for the development and implementation of evaluation systems and methodologies in our biological evaluation architecture to accomplish the following 3 needs:

  • Manage the internal standard evaluation in China 

  • Build up the center of excellence for whitening.

  • Explore the possibility of working with CROs and take advantage of existing pharmaceutical platforms in CRO and adapt them to cosmetic-related efficacy evaluation.


- Major responsibilities:

  • Take overall responsibility of team’s projects and productivity, develop and manage the team

  • Manage the standard evaluation, coordinate with key stakeholders to make sure the robust evaluation results delivered on time

  • Continuously optimize evaluation methods to increase the capacity/sensitivity, etc

  • Transfer the methods from method development team and implement into the evaluation architecture/portfolio.

  • Drive the team’s engagement and efforts in research and innovation; develop the innovative/creative spirit of the team.

  • Network scientifically with the stakeholders internally and externally, and ensure through coordinating cross-functional stakeholders to promote exchanges/activities, whenever opportunities for synergies can be identified.

  • In charge of the documentation, data analysis and scientific reports.

  • Actively involved in daily bench work.



- A Ph.D. or equivalent degree in life science or biomedical fields, with at least 5-yr proven-track experience in academic or bio-pharmaceutical industry, training related to skin/hair biology research is preferred.

- A sounding record of scientific accomplishment documented by international peer-reviewed publications.

- Be proficient in cell biology and molecular biology with strong hands-on expertise, strong methodology development skills and proficiency in molecular biology or cell-based assays

- Familiar with current advancement and trend of technologies in cell biology and molecular biology.  

- Excellent written and verbal skills in English. Professional presentation skills and effective communication capability in a multidisciplinary environment are essential.  

- Project and people management experience

- Highly self-motivated, result and detail oriented, analytical and innovative thinking, strong organizational and mature interpersonal skills, collaborative spirit in a fast-paced, team-oriented research environment are required.