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January 2020 - Data scientist internship

Сфера деятельности: Digital

Тип должности: Internship

Тип занятости: Full - Time

Место расположения: Paris

Страна: France

First things first: 

·       Where will you work? Paris Area (Levallois-Perret or Clichy) 

·       When will you start? In January 2020 

·       How long will it last? 6 months 

·       How much will you earn? Between 1250 - 1550€/month

L'Oréal, yes, but do you really know us?

We are sure that you think you know L’Oréal - red lipstick and high-heels, right? So, let us tell you one thing: that is not who we are and that is not what we are looking for. You don’t need to wear foundation to build a career here, and you don’t need highlights to be high-tech (oh, and by the way, most of us wear sneakers)! What you do need is a passion for people, pace and a visionary mindset on how to disrupt the #future! 

Now, let’s talk numbers: 

·       Our position: No. 1 - L’Oréal is the the leader worldwide in the cosmetics industry 

·       Our turnover: 26,9 Billion Euros of consolidated turnover 

·       Our E-Commerce: 1,9 Billion Euros in sales, +42% sales growth,

·       Our Media: 3rd World Wide Advertiser & already 47% media in digital

·       Our Data: 1 Billion+ consumer data records

·       Our Love Brands: 234 Million followers, and 3,000 social sites 

·       Our commitment: Global environment leader with triple A score in climate change, water security and forests (given by the CDP) 

As a data scientist intern, you will join our team at the heart of Global Digital organization. After a first step helping L’Oréal to adopt ad tech and fast move to a modern digital marketing landscape, the team have decided to go further with cloud technologies, marketing automation and data science.

You will:

         B – to – B

 - Optimization of predictive machine learning algorithm to reduce unknown variables, minimize the
error rate, and maximize accuracy
- Adding new features to the model in order to calculate the impact of each on the results
- Full dataset study to find the optimal model to build for optimal results
  - Clusterization of clients for potential extractions

B – to – C
 - Personalization of the recommendation letter for the kerastase brand
 - Prediction of the free sample distribution based on previous choices and perchases for full
 automation of the sales platform



·         Master / Engineering school specialized in Machine Learning, Data Science, Applied Mathematics, Statistics

·         You have good communication skills and understand where data science could benefit to the company

Required skills

·         You have a good knowledge of Python, and bonus points if you have experience with one of the following languages : R, Java

·         Ability to work with Git and Linux (including basic shell commands)

·         You have a good knowledge in statistic and machine learning

·         You can easily combine mathematical modelling and software development.


Desired skills and experiences:


·         You have experience with or knowledge of machine learning framework (pandas, numpy, sklearn, Tensorflow, Keras, pyTorch …)

·         Experience with cloud platforms (Google Cloud or AWS)

·         You have some skills in basic web programming (JavaScript, HTML, CSS), ideally have some hands-on experiences with some frameworks (Flask, VueJS)

·         You have an entrepreneurial spirit and drive your projects to their completion.

·         Your English is excellent

·         You can present and explain your work to business stakeholders and non-technical audiences

Who are you?

·         An enthusiastic, curious, creative person, who is always on the lookout for new technologies and methodologies

·         You are a builder

·         You like bringing your ideas face to face with a challenging environment and test them in practice

·         You want to develop and enrich your expertise through teamwork.