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2020 Summer Intern - Taiwan (Sales)

Сфера деятельности: Sales & Business Development

Тип должности: Internship

Тип занятости: Full - Time

Место расположения: Taipei

Страна: Taiwan

Are you looking for a real working experience as your start point for future career?
Are you looking for a valuable experience in the world leading beauty company full of talents?

Valuable Experience in Real Working Environment

Every year around 3000+ students all over the world have the opportunity to gain valuable experience through an exciting internship at L'Oréal. They are assigned real responsibility and a chance to get to know the company from A to Z. Meanwhile, interns bring a fresh and innovate approach to everything they do and provide us with new insights and impulses. And interns also provide a great pool of talent from which many of your newly hired employees are selected.

What we are looking for

We're looking for more than technical expertise and qualifications; we're looking for talented young people who can express their wide-ranging personal attributes as well as take part in challenging, dynamic projects and missions.

Our group's rich cultural diversity is the secret of its success. We're looking for students with a diverse range of profiles and experiences. The most important is your creativity, your ambition and your ability to transform your passion into success.

What The Intern Program for you?

* The summer intern program is a 2-month program designed for students who look for real job responsibilities and working experiences.
* Discover what the real job and working environment is like in the rapid growing FMCG company.
* Directly work with the best talents and professionals in beauty industry.
* Have a full picture of real work life and business process.
* A precious and valuable opportunity to be evaluated to participate in our Management Trainee Program.


* Taiwanese Nationality
* Current student - currently pursuing Bachelor (in the 3rd year) or Master Degree
* Available for full time internship Monday - Friday from 9.30am - 6.30pm in 2020 July and August.
* Proficient in English both verbal & written
* Good communication skills & positive working attitude
* Dynamic and creative, with high energy
* Superb analytical skills




→ More information at:  https://www.facebook.com/lorealtaiwan/