Функция: Финансы и контроллинг

Тип занятости: Полный рабочий день

Место расположения: New Jersey - Monmouth Junction

Страна: USA

Job Description Form

Section 1: General Information

Job Title:               Financial Analyst  - Demonstration

Function:               Finance

FSLA:                    Exempt                

Division:                Luxe

Supervisor Title:  Director 

Location:               South Brunswick


Section 2:  Job Summary: 

Process demo commission claims for Luxe division.  Ensure claims are consistent with our contractual agreements with customers.  Work with customers on any discrepancies.  Perform A/R maintenance.

Track claimed retails versus actual retails and contact customers who are not charging correct retails. 

Assist in monthly financial close functions.  

Perform financial analysis and reporting in support of monthly financial results.

Responsible for demo variable planning.

Enter demo budget & trend into Compass.

Performs special projects as assigned.


Section 3:  Job Requirements (Minimum number years of experience, skills, certification and academic background required to perform this job):

Bachelors degree.   Candidate must have, at least, two years experience in an office environment with a demonstrated performance record conducting similar analytical tasks.  PC proficiency with emphasis on Microsoft Excel and Word.  Experience working with SAP is helpful.  Excellent verbal and written communication skills.  Candidate must possess strong analytical skills and be extremely organized.  Ability to maintain sense of urgency when required.


Section 4:  Judgment and Decision Making (Describe the nature and impact of decisions required for this position as well as the type of supervision required for this position from the following; Close, Moderate, Intermittent, None):

Must possess strong problem solving and analytical skills.

The role will require attention to detail and accuracy in analysis and reporting.

Needs to be able to advise management and customers of issues or variances before they become problematic.

This position requires moderate  supervision.


Section 5: Essential Physical Requirements (if applicable – i.e. lifting – exactly how much, bending, climbing, driving equipment):

Not applicable


Section 6:  Financial Scope (if applicable):

Annual Budget Responsibility:  $70M (variable only – all divisions)

Annual Revenue Responsibility:  $


Section 7:  Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

Briefly describe 5-8 primary duties/responsibilities of the job.  Please list these duties in order of importance and include the percentage of time spent or required for each activity.


Tasks, Duties & Responsibilities

% of time spent.

Total should = 100%

1.  Process commission claims.






2.  Update claim versus actual retail worksheets.  Analyze data.






3.  Financial close functions.






4.  Various financial analysis.





5.  Preparing and/or  working with customers on discrepancy package.





6.  Maintain A/R system










Section 8:  Required Competencies:

Briefly describe 5-8 primary competencies that are core requirements for this position, in order of importance.  Different from job responsibilities, these are “soft skills” that are required for success.  Please refer to the L’Oreal USA MAP competencies.  Examples may include leadership, interpersonal or analytical skills, problem solving, teamwork, initiative, ability to multi-task, etc.



Leads with Human Sensitivity                   Demonstrates Entrepreneurship          Interacts Effectively

Displays Sensitivity to our Metier             Achieves Results with Integrity          Innovates

Manages Complexity                                


1.  Interacts Effectively – must communicate well with other departments in the company as well as with customers (oral and written).



2.  Excellent Analytical skills which are required for various financial analysis.




3.  Posses problem solving skills to work through and resolve discrepancies.




4.  Ability to multi task – the environment is very fast paced especially during the close.  Will need to be able to prioritize in order to accomplish all tasks before deadlines.




5. Work independently with moderate supervision on claim processing and any analysis.














Please note:  This job description does not list all duties of the job.  Employees may be asked by management to perform other duties.  The employer has the right to revise this job description at any time.

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer and take pride in a diverse environment. We do not discriminate in recruitment, hiring, training, promotion or other employment practices for reasons of race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, age, marital or veteran status, medical condition or disability, or any other legally protected status.