Функция: Отдел исследований

Тип занятости: Полный рабочий день

Место расположения: Shanghai - Shanghai

Страна: China

direct report to the VP Safety Regulatory Affairs and Claims APAC, member of its Management Committee and functional report to the Wordwide Head of Claims Substantiation, member of the Worldwide Claims Substantiation Management Committee is in charge of :


• Giving support and expertise to the Asia-Pacific based laboratories in order to help them translate their innovations into strong and sincere claims,

• Evaluating the legal risks and claims linked to the media and different Product communication supports and artworks developed by the Asia-Pacific based Marketing Hubs,

• Providing expertise to the Asia-Pacific based Marketing Hubs in the various Divisions, in order to help them finalize the various product communication supports and artworks,

• Compiling regulatory dossiers for claims substantiation, support and defend our Claims in case of inspection by the various competent Authorities, playing an interface role when the Substantiation dossier for Claims under scrutiny have not been created/compiled by the APAC claims substantiation department,

• Interacting with the Zone and Country Scientific Directors and Technico-Regulatory Departments in order to help them finalize and validate their local product communication supports/artworks for the Asia-Pacific developed products.


Ideally, the candidate should have :

- a solid scientific background (chemical engineer, Pharm D, biology degree),

- a huge sensitivity to cosmetics,

- an outstanding oral and writing expression, with a strong capacity to convince, propose alternative wording, doing presentations in front of an demanding audience, adapt to its various partners in the L'Oréals organization (mostly marketing people and R&I colleagues, but also lawyers and DGO actors) ,

- a strong ability to analyze and negotiate,

- the capacity to easily move him or herself in a very complex international environment and quickly take difficult decisions on a daily basis, within a set of principles and frame

- be creative, think constantly out of the box and be ready to compose with the rules,

- be very at ease if not fluent in English, , of course it doesn’t have to be “native tongue”. - French and/or one other foreign language practice would be highly valuable,

- sensitivity/experience in cosmetics regulation would be a plu