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Beauty Advisor (BA) Management

Сфера деятельности: General Management

Тип должности: Permanent

Тип занятости: Full - Time

Место расположения: Jakarta

Страна: Indonesia

Key Responsibilities

1.       A monthly monitoring and analyzing of the BA productivity, BA attrition, BA cost, and anything related to BA Management.

2.       Salary & incentive approval for BA in every month following the SOP with operation team and BA agencies.

3.       To ensure the commercial internal target vs. BA target to be aligned.

4.       Master the market practices of BA management, get to know about BA competitors practices as well (salary, incentive scheme, benefits, etc).

5.       Conduct quarterly performance assessment of the BAs aligned with the sales & operation team (HOC, ASM, Sales Spv) and the action plan based on performance review.

6.       Develop a better management for “Promoter BA” in terms of its productivity, clear target from Trade Marketing team and activities based on the schedule.

7.       Managing total development budget to ensure its optimized use and stay within the budget.

8.       Ensure an effective BA incentive or reward program for all channels to stimulate the increasing of BA sales achievement/BA productivity.

9.       Close monitoring of Agency’s KPI (BA fulfilment, BA attrition, and sales performance), conduct periodic business review with the BA agencies, and create action plan on BA issues together with the BA agencies and Operation team.

10.   Coordination and communication of BA Management with other functions (KAM/ASM/Operation team/Trade Marketing, etc); including project work based of which accountable for building project comprehensive work plan related to BA, and managing to the budget.

11.   A dashboard monthly report regarding to the BA management to be sent to all the stakeholders (Commercial director, HOC,  CPD GM, Marketing director), the report content is about BA productivity, BA performance, BA cost, total budget updates, BA attrition, etc.

12.   To Design, Implement & Improve a full BA development platform giving visibilities of BA career path by channel.

13.   Provide BAs with the tools and materials to support them on the field (uniform – design & create, brush set, reporting book) and to ensure well distribution across the regions.