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12 Month Apprenticeship - Corporate Responsibility - Sept 2021

Сфера деятельности: Values & Ethics

Тип должности: Apprenticeship

Тип занятости: Full - Time

Место расположения: Levallois-Perret

Страна: France

12-month Apprenticeship  |  From September/ October 2021  |  Paris area  |  Master 1 or 2   Competitive Salary    |  More than 10 opportunities         


Before starting... What does our recruitment porcess look like?

After applying by following the 'Apply Now' button below

  • You will talk to MYA, our trusted chatbot to make sure you fulfill the necessary administrative elements
  • And then you will receive an email to answer 3 competency-based questions with Seedlink, our artificial intelligence tool, enabling us to see your cultural fit with L’Oréal (candidates having answered Seedlink are prioritized).

If your CV is selected, you will be invited for an Exploratory Recruitment Interview. The recruiter you meet with will be getting to know you better so they can capture the métier, division, brand and finally the mission in which you will be able to better express your potential. Our recruiters will have many roles they are recruiting for, so the more precise and authentic you are, the more the recruiter will be able to propose you the assignment that best meets your aspirations.

Finally, you will get an Operational interview with your potential future manager(s) to convince them that you are the best fit! At this point, your recruiter switches to coaching mode. They will help you to best prepare your final interview!

Discover Corporate Responsibility @ L’Oréal

This department is based on three pillars: the L'Oréal Group's sustainability commitments, the Fondation L'Oréal's philanthropic initiatives and the employee citizen engagement program.

About L’Oréal for the Future

L’Oréal’s sustainability programme, L’Oréal for the Future, was launched in June 2020. Building on tangible results, the Group’s is committing to operate within the limits of the planet and to adapt to what it can withstand, as defined by environmental science. L’Oréal is therefore implementing a new internal transformation program, with quantifiable objectives, to limit the impact of all its activities on climate, water, biodiversity and natural resources. These new targets will not only focus on the Group’s direct impact but also tackle its extended impact, related to the activity of its suppliers and the use of products by its consumers.

To address some of the most pressing environmental and social challenges facing the world, L’Oréal is also allocating 100 million euros to impact investing dedicated to the regeneration of and the development of the circular economy, and 50 million euros to a charitable endowment fund to support highly vulnerable women. Find out more about L’Oréal for the Future here.

About the Fondation L'Oréal

The Fondation L’Oréal supports and empowers women to shape their future and make a difference in society, focusing on 2 major areas: scientific research and inclusive beauty.

Since 1998, the L’Oréal-UNESCO For Women in Science program has worked to empower more women scientists to overcome barriers to progression and participate in solving the great challenges of our time, for the benefit of all. Convinced that beauty contributes to the process of rebuilding lives, the Fondation L’Oréal helps vulnerable women to improve their self-esteem through free beauty and wellness treatments. It also enables underprivileged women to gain access to employment with dedicated vocational beauty training. Find out more about Fondation L’Oréal here.

There are several different opportunities within our L'Oréal for the Future and  Fondation L’Oréal teams… and we can discuss what area you are interested in during your telephone interview. Moreover, don’t forget, it is also up to you to give your missions your own personal touch.

So what could your Apprenticeship look like?

  • Project Management – animating, planning, executing and monitoring
  • Stakeholder Management – engaging and developing relationships with external associations and working closely with our partners.
  • KPI monitoring and international reporting – working with our CSR leads in all L’Oréal countries, partners and/or associations. 
  • Scale and benchmarks
  • Coordination of key annual events.

You are...

·       A Master student (Cesure or Fin d’études) - No margin for negotiation on this one! Able to provide an Apprenticeship agreement of 12 months issued by your school - no negotiation on this either! 

·       Fluent French or English speaker (both is great too !)

·       Creative Entrepreneur: courageous and adventurous. Every single day, you spot opportunities to shake things up and change the world for the better. There’s no blueprint for the future. You’ll have to design it yourself! 

·       People oriented. Here, we cherish and celebrate diversity so you’ll feel right at home whoever you are. 

·       Respectful. Whether you’re talking to our CEO (this can happen!) or a salon owner on the high street, you treat everyone the same.

·       Willingness to own the strategic level direction whilst maintaining a passion for grass-roots

·       Critical thinking with strong decision-making abilities

Freedom to go beyond, that's the beauty of L'Oréal